Mark Camilleri denies that he is living in Spain but writes to the Commissioner of Police to investigate me for supposedly revealing his location!

Yesterday, I published an article wherein I stated that Mr. Mark Camilleri was living in Spain, precisely in Galicia near Vigo. Mr. Camilleri sent me an email as a right of reply. I am publishing his right of reply in full.

In his right of reply, Mr. Camilleri is denying my claim that he is currently in Spain. He goes a step further and states that he does not own property in Spain. Incidentally, I did not mention in my article that he owns property in Spain nor am I interested in what properties he owns! But it is intriguing that he felt the necessity to mention this detail in his right of reply!

Moreover, he is asking our Police Commissioner to investigate me for supposedly revealing his location. Was it not Mr. Camilleri himself or his friends who posted a photo on social media, presumably showing off his location? A person who is in serious danger does not post anything. Why must his whereabouts remain secretive? What is so special about Mr. Camilleri vis a vis other mortals? 

In my article, I referred to the fact that Mr. Camilleri did not appear in court when he was meant to and had to. He has published chats on which the court banned publication related to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. In my article, I asked wherefrom did Camilleri obtain these chats; from the prosecution? The Police Commissioner is on record stating that the investigations into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia have been concluded and all those who had to be prosecuted in relation to this murder have been indicted.

From Mr. Camilleri’s right of reply, it is clear that he is in direct contact with the Police Commissioner. He even appeals to him in the last paragraph of the email he has sent me as his right of reply, copied to him. The Police Commissioner now needs to explain to the Maltese nation how the court marshalls failed to find Mr. Mark Camilleri in relation to the court proceedings instituted by the Hon. Rosianne Cutajar, when he appears to be in direct contact with him. The Hon. Cutajar opened a libel case against Camilleri and when the case came up, the court was informed that Mr. Camilleri could not be traced!

Moreover, the Hon. Cutajar reported Mr. Mark Camilleri to the police because she feels threatened by the Facebook posts that Mr. Camilleri wrote about her. We should remember that when the Hon. Jason Azzopardi and the Hon. Beppe Fenech Adami received letters that they considered threatening, the person who sent such letters was apprehended by the police and for a couple of days was denied bail.

Now, it is obvious that the Police Commissioner knows his whereabouts. He is in the loop of Mr. Camillieri’s email. In a country that clamours for rule of law, I hope that the Police Commissioner will investigate the Hon. Cutajar’s criminal complaint as he did in the case of Jason Azzopardi and Beppe Fenech Adami.

Thus, what the Police Commissioner should do here is to assure the public that court summons is served to Mr. Camilleri.

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