About the Website

Over a year ago, I decided to start a blog which eventually was updated to a website where I began publishing my commentaries on news items as well as on other topics that mainstream media had and still has  no intention of publishing.  Gradually, individuals started sending me articles and commentaries which I publish. What I had not foreseen, nor realized, was the site’s success. My site is bilingual and therefore is read by both Maltese and others.

Not only has readership increased – to the extent that the average is 20,000 views per day – but also the number of contributors. This all goes to show Malta’s dire need for a truly free press which has long disappeared from our horizon.  

My aim has always been to create a platform where items of news are posted without being filtered by somebody’s hidden agenda. I acknowledge the fact that everybody has his or her right to their own views but these views cannot be used to jeopardise the freedom of others. I stand by what is my criteria. My site has to act as a community platform where one can express thoughts without fear of censorship or retribution.

It is also my understanding that there is a demand from those holding wholesome traditional values to be able to express their views without being hounded and undermined by the liberal left.

On a separate note, I have to clarify that, to date, I have never received a penny from any publicity that appeared on my blog because all advertising revenue from Google etc went to my host provider and not the undersigned. So far, all the work has been undertaken on a voluntary basis thanks to my firm belief in the cause of free speech for all.  Now that I am moving on to a community portal this enables more interactivity. However, all this comes at a cost and the fact that this is a totally independent site means that in order to be constantly improving it needs some financial backing. For this reason, space has also been created for those wishing to advertise on this site or support it.

Any funding will be duly acknowledged. It will only be used to enhance its content and quality of information.

I seize this opportunity to wish readers an enjoyable read with the forthcoming articles, commentaries, and news content on this site

Please consider supporting this site.