Sunday Times’ Editorial Intends to Discredit Yorgen Fenech’s Innocent Plea

The Sunday Times’ editorial was about the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It re-proposes the defunct theorem that Yorgen Fenech is the mastermind behind this murder even though it has now been established by the Commissioner of the Police that the motive for this murder is still not clear. How then, can the Times of Malta and the rest of the journals keep insisting that he is the mastermind?

Above all, the editorial talks about what it calls the ‘civil society forces’ that, according to the same editorial, brought political change in Malta. I don’t agree with this opinion. On the contrary, they are breaking further our legal system. It was not perfect but now it is in tatters.

Furthermore, the editorial exonerates Daphne Caruana Galizia from being a hate blogger. The editorial has forgotten that there were innocent people who committed suicide because of her articles. Most of her articles were full of venom. She spewed venom all the time and this was declared in open court. Moreover, she destroyed many people’s lives with her lies and hatred.

The editorial has chosen to ignore all this and is trying to rewrite history. Perhaps the editor should remember that of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s false accuastions, a Leader of the Opposition was forced out.

This editorial brought a reaction from a person, who reads these blogs and sent me this message. The message is in English and is being reproduced here.

No self-respecting editor of a reputable newspaper would even consider publishing the editorial that appeared in today’s STOM 22/11

It is clear that whoever penned the editorial is not even remotely erudite but simply a puppet, happy to act as judge, jury and hangman before any trial has actually taken off thus compounding the mayhem already present.  

This goes to show that both STOM as well as TOM do not actually put into practice what they preach. Perhaps because there is too much at stake for Allied Newspapers that force the STOM Editor to endorse all that is considered unethical in good journalism.”  

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