A Thank You Message for my programme on Covid19

Following yesterday’s programme on Xejk TV, I received the following message from Geraldine Camilleri. She thanked me for giving space to those Maltese citizens who are concerned with the Covid19 measures but their voices are purposely blocked. The message is as follows.

“Thank you Simon Mercieca for giving the space for people like the brilliant Dr Rudolph Ragonesi and others like him to talk and answer the many questions arising for thousands of people, about Covid that the mainstream media is purposely blocking.

About time there was a more informative and balanced approach without all the scaremongering and panic which has taken hold of our islands because of the gross mishandling, lies and misinformation on the subject.

There likewise are thousands and thousands of equally brave doctors, virologists and rational free-thinking individuals who dare research every avenue on this extremely controversial subject and come out with the real Truth behind C.V.

It is no wonder that countless thousands are now increasingly protesting across our globe because they are not caught up in perpetuated fear being purposely generated by the media, the technocrats, certain medical/pharmaceutical conglomerates and bodies- but see clearly what’s happening, and what is to come if humanity doesn’t wake up to how our very health, our economy, our freedoms and our human rights are being sabotaged under the false premise of a bogus pandemic.

It is worth noting that the subject of COVID-19 hasn’t any political color, flavor or religion – but concerns every baby, child and adult who breathes.

So let’s not turn this debate into anything less than it is – the erosion of human rights on every level.

Thank you Simon in the name of those many thousands you have given a voice to across our beloved Maltese islands.

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