A person replies to a comment made by the paediatrician Victor Grech regarding the vaccination of children

Blog post by Marica Micallef

In December 2021, TVMNews published an article entitled ““Are you ready to play Russian Roulette with your children’s life when it comes to Covid? I’m not” – Paediatrician Victor Grech”.

While speaking during TVAM programme and asked whether children should be vaccinated, Paediatrician Victor Grech, “said that it is wrong to think that Covid does not affect children, because a small number of them have a chance of becoming seriously ill and even dying.

He explained this scenario by asking parents whether they are ready to allow their children to eat a sweet out of a bag of 10,000, if they know that one of them is poisoned.

He added that this virus will continue to circulate, perhaps even up to four times a year, and asked whether parents are ready to play Russian Roulette each time with the lives of their children. “I’m not ready to do that” he said.”

To this published article, a person who was irritated by this article and what Grech said, commented with the following comment:

[Do not forget what this one said. Where is the venom, Victor? Because when my sister started suffering from pericarditis after the first dose, so wasn’t that a Russian roulette?

Let us say that you spoke too early, and you do not know what you were saying. Are you ready, together with all those that call themselves professionals, to go on the same programme and tell people what is happening now?

We deserve an update.]

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