The story of a mother who was in favour of covid jab: she ended up losing her son.

Blog post by Marica Micallef

This is the story of a mother, by the name of Helen Blythe, who was in favour of the vaccination of children. She was so convinced to have her five-year-old child vaccinated that she wrote a post in favour of giving the jab to kids. To a tweet by FinTwitExperts, who wrote “I’m trying to understand why people are so fearful of covid in otherwise healthy children. Statistically, it does not make sense”, Helen Blythe replied:

Because children still transmit and the vaccines seem to reduce transmission”.

This undoubtedly shows that Helen Blythe was in favour of vaccines and vaccinating children. A later post by the same Helen Blythe says,

“This is my son, Benedict. He died yesterday, suddenly, aged 5. I just want everyone to know that he existed, and to see his beautiful smile, and know how wonderful he was. He was such a bright spark, the kindest boy. His time with us was the greatest gift.”

Am I right to conclude that she vaccinate her son Benedict, whom unfortunately and sadly, she lost suddenly thanks to the Covid19 vaccine?

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  1. Oh incredibly tragic. Thank you. Looks like she took her whole account down? Rest in peace little kiddo.

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