The non-vaccinated are not welcome in Fairyland Malta

Blog post minn Marica Micallef

Fairyland Malta will be transforming Pjazza Tritoni in Valletta into Santa’s City during this Christmas season between 3rd December and 2nd January 2022. The entrance to Malta’s Capital City is “set up to give the ultimate experience to children, and those who are still children at heart!”[1]

Their website should add “only those VACCINATED are allowed” as their billboard in Pjazza Tritoni shows:

Fairyland Malta is not accepting non-vaccinated individuals to go for a ride, even if they produce a negative swab test, as this person has been confirmed:

This reality has become so disgusting. It feels like we are living in 1933, when during the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler introduced the Nazi Ahnenpass, a notebook that sought to document the Aryan (especially non-Jewish) origin of its holder, a participation in racial segregation.

Instead of the Nazi Ahnenpass, now we have the Covid Green Pass and Vaccine Certificate whereas instead of racial segregation, we have medical segregation.

History is repeating itself.


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