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  1. Why did Boris Johnson, today’s UK Prime Minister (unbelievable but true) in the Daily Telegraph of 25th October 2007, write:  THE WORLD’S POPULATION IS NOW 6.7 billion, roughly double what it was when I was born.  If I live to be in my mid-eighties, then it will have trebled in my lifetime. I SIMPLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY NO ONE DISCUSSES THIS IMPENDING CALAMITY, AND WHY NO WORLD STATESMEN HAVE THE GUTS TO TREAT THE ISSUE WITH THE SERIOUSNESS IT DESERVES…WE SEEM TO HAVE GIVEN UP ON POPULATION CONTROL”
  2.  Why did it bother him? Is he enjoying the death rates during this scam now?
  3. Isn’t the Covid-19 scam a way to cause depopulation?
  4. Isn’t the Covid-19 scam a way to reset the economy?
  5. Since we were told that this virus is so deadly and contagious, how come it did not infect everyone?
  6. Since we were told that this virus is so deadly and contagious, how come we did not witness people dying on the spot in front of us?
  7. Since we were told that this virus is so deadly and contagious, how come not everyone who was tested positive was admitted to hospital for monitoring?
  8. Since in the beginning we were told that masks do not protect, then how come the version changed?
  9. Since we were told that we will protect ourselves with the masks and social distancing, how come the positive cases kept on rising?
  10. Since we were told that this virus easily affects others, especially when there is no proximity, can someone explain how come one member of the family is found positive while the rest of the family is found negative?
  11. How come in some cases, all family members were found positive, while in some cases, no? Can a virus be selective?
  12. How come we were told that there is no cure for this virus, and that we don’t know anything about it, yet ITU patients were being administered a hideous cocktail of anti-viral medicine?
  13. How come WHO first gave the go ahead to use the PCR tests (swab tests), yet now it says completely the opposite?
  14. How come, are the PCR tests still being used? Do countries just listen to one side of the story?
  15. How come in the beginning we were first told that the symptoms were like those of the flu (which are common symptoms that everyone experiences) and that we shouldn’t be alarmed?
  16. How come the symptoms chosen for Covid-19 were the common flu ones, which practically everyone has at one point in time during the year? 
  17. How come only the nostril was used for the swab tests?
  18. How come we were never shown the certificates of these swab tests?
  19. How come those who died of Covid-19, died at hospital only?
  20. How come no one died at home?
  21. How come certain therapies and medicine that were used by honest and courageous family doctors to cure patients who tested positive for covid-19 were hushed down?
  22. How come emergency doctors are obliged to apply bad protocols which make patients get worse and end up in hospital later?
  23. How come relatives of those whose loved ones die in hospital are given very little information?

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