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In a country teetering on the precipice of economic disaster, with the national debt having doubled in ten years of Labour government, the utter disregard displayed by our Prime Minister for the financial well-being of the nation is nothing short of abhorrent. As the rest of us grapple with the challenges of inflation, the Prime Ministers seems to be preoccupied with one thing and one thing only: to protect the throne.

The very essence of a government’s existence is to serve the people, protect their interests, and promote the prosperity of the nation as a whole. However, our ruling class has brazenly inverted this fundamental principle. They have become masters at the art of self-enrichment while the masses suffer the consequences of their unchecked greed.

One of the most glaring examples of this unconscionable behaviour is the blatant embezzlement of public funds. Instead of investing in infrastructure, and other essential sectors that could spur economic growth, our corrupt politicians siphon off millions, leaving the country’s finances in a state of turmoil.

The electricity cables melt away, hospitals lack basic supplies, the Oncology Centre is without functioning radiotherapy machines, while the upper ring in politics lives in opulence. The people struggle to make ends meet while the vacationing prime minister’s thunderous roar commands the waves, far removed from the daily struggles of the people he purportedly represents.

Silvio Grixti

It’s no secret that corruption in our government extends far beyond embezzlement. Nepotism runs rampant, as government positions are handed out to family members and close associates, often based on loyalty rather than qualifications. Journalists are rewarded to limit corruption coverage. Incompetence is rewarded, and those who dare to speak out against the status quo are marginalized or silenced. The result is an inept bureaucracy that hinders honesty and integrity.

Perhaps most concerning is the complete disregard for the country’s fiscal responsibility. While hardworking citizens are burdened with taxes, the elite few in power enjoy lavish lifestyles funded by the very people they exploit. Jobs are manipulated into positions-of-trust to ensure that cronies get phenomenal salaries while the average citizen struggles to make ends meet.

The national debt continues to soar to unprecedented levels, threatening the stability of our economy. Rather than addressing this crisis head-on, our corrupt government prefers to sweep it under the rug, further imperilling the future of our nation. I thought the Prime Minister would vocally lash out against those who were defrauding the nation under the epilepsy scam. Instead, he remains calm because he trusts the police he says. What he doesn’t say is that he controls who heads the investigations. He is the puppet master.

Our corrupt government has abandoned any pretence of caring for the financial health of our country. The insatiable appetite for power and wealth has blinded “is-sinjuri” to the needs and aspirations of the silent majority. It is high time that we, the citizens, demand accountability, transparency, and ethical governance from those in power. And throw out the higher echelons of the Nationalist Party who is still silent about its ex-ministers hoarding millions in Switzerland. “Labour is worse,” is the pathetic response. Yes, it is. Labour is a criminal organisation that cannot reform itself. Its masterminds should be locked up in Kordin with the keys to the jail cells tossed off Dingli Cliffs.


  1. It is interesting to note how the trolls can’t defend Silvio Grixti and the Labour clan around him. So they pick some sentence in any article that deals with the Grixti case, many times a sentence that is unrelated to the subject at hand, and attack this sentence as if they are bringing the whole article and its subject matter down. This is typical of how party-funded trolls operate, trying to cause a diversion from the thorny issue at hand.

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