The two radiotherapy machines at Mater Dei Hospital to cure cancer patients are out of order.

Cancer patients who need radiotherapy treatment at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre discovered that the two radiotherapy machines are not working. This is of great concern to both patients and staff. A very dedicated team attends the Radiology Department. Thus, having two devices not working is of great concern to them because they know this could mean life or death to their patients.

Even more disturbing is that one of the machines has been out of order for over two weeks.

This morning, patients were informed not to attend their treatment as the second machine was also out of order. Cancer patients are already faced with the challenge of battling one of the worst diseases on earth. They need support and not the creation of additional challenges. Those responsible for the maintenance and quick repair of these machines need to understand what these patients are going through and carry out their duties more diligently and with the utmost efficiency.

This was not the first time that the machines needed repair. About a year ago, a similar situation developed, and patients were sent to Rome for treatment until the machines were repaired. Let’s hope that this time round, the patients are given the same treatment and those responsible ensure that such a situation, where both machines are out of order, does not develop again at our Oncology hospital.

One thought on “The two radiotherapy machines at Mater Dei Hospital to cure cancer patients are out of order.

  1. Don’t blame the government. It spent over 400 million euros on the hospitals over the last few years. The only problem is that nobody knows where it went. It disappeared mysteriously. Fearne was and remains at the helm, as incompetent as his Carmen Ciantar.

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