It’s important that emotions do not overpower us in regards to what has happened at Saint Albert College

By Mr. Charles Micallef

Mr. Mario Mallia of St Albert School has been fired from Headmaster. When the social model goes extreme and when emotions overpower us, we suppress our thinking minds. The news reports emphasise that he is all out in favour of inclusivity but I do not know to what level this has taken him. I mean, extremes are always bad and balance/moderation is key. Of course, no one should be marginalised. Of course, everyone has equal rights to education and fair employment.

Without going into the details of his story, the news report gives us a hint of his troubles with the board: “orientations and obviously different genders”. This in itself is already a false statement. The term ‘obviously’ is not appropriate. Transgender is NOT about sexual orientation. Transgenderism, when they want to drastically transform their bodies to mimic the opposite sex has nothing to do with sexual orientations. Transgender is NOT simply gender confusion – yes this is important because mainstream media intentionally mixes gender dysphoria/gender identity and even intersex (which is biologically, and physically evident from birth) with transgender to purposefully involve many people.

To a certain extent, I do not blame Mr. Mallia if he too fell into the ‘catch’ of the ‘born this way’ argument which is disproved by observations of various identical twins. Which parent wants to have their child being encouraged to become trans because it sounds cool and eventually taking harmful puberty blockers and cross-sex steroids, apart from ending up undertaking amputation surgeries? This is self-harm and this is what transgenderism eventually leads to.

In our religion including Catholic schools, we learn that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. In 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20, we read: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honour God with your bodies”.

Furthermore, in Leviticus 19:28 there is written: “you shall not make any cuts on your body … or (even) tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord”. Religion is also mentioned as a fundamental ingredient of his inclusivity issue. Again, no one said: scorn the different religions or expel the students of different religions. No one is saying to make them convert to Christianity.

However, St Albert is a Catholic school. So, whether you like it or not, Christianity has to be the alpha and omega of the school’s day-to-day running activities. If someone does not like it, he/she can send his/her child to a state school or independent school. The news report also mentions politics. Again, without knowing exactly what was the real cause of his dismissal one thing is sure. Mr. Mallia participates actively in ADPD which supports abortion.

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  1. The whole premise of the article is misguided. Trans does not equal drag. Transgendered persons do not “drag”. There are multiple sources online that explain these differences (this should have been done prior to publishing).

    Berta, is a Panto DAME that was used as a source of comic relief during the pandemic. Costumes are common used as a pedagogical tool in educative spaces. This article is only being used to vilify in bad faith.

    The Gospel is unequivocal: Love everyone, without condition. I do not need to post any quotes. This is well known and highly practiced and preached by Pope Francis. This has always been Mario’s guiding light. Whatever you are, rich, poor, black, white, straight or otherwise, at Saint Albert, BECAUSE we are a Church School, you are accepted.

    To try and spin the narrative on this one obscure non-issue is machiavellian. Especially when the very premise is false. The Rector even assured the SLT that he had ZERO issue with the contents of the article. The title, coming from a media house, is intentionally combustible. Reading the article is another story.


    St. Albert’s Religion Teacher

    1. Dear St Albert’s Religion Teacher,
      Lovin Malta spoke of ‘Drag Queen’ educating children. A large part of the misunderstanding is due to them. I don’t believe this article is trying to vilify anyone. Obviously some people (mis)understood that your school is engaging adult entertainers to teach children material of an adult nature.

      It was due to an article on Lovin Malta that resorted to sensationalism.

      Please refer to the link to said article on said news site.


    As a Religion teacher you should know that big things start from small things. There are also numerous false literature saying that transgenders are born in trapped bodies. However, the ‘born this way’ argument holds no scientific basis. No innate trait to support this argument has been found. Furthermore, observations on several identical twins shows that only one sibling had gender identity or gender dysphoria, meaning that gender dysphoria is socially constructed and depends on childhood experiences, upbringing, social expectations, beliefs, family environment and peer interactions. A person does not wake up and suddenly become transgender. This is the focus of my research to be published soon and which is endorsed by three leading psychiatrists from USA and Canada. First they have gender confusion and progress to gender identity or gender dysphoria but if they persistently want to drastically change their bodies at all costs, then it becomes transgenderism with transgender as the final stage of this journey. In other words, gender confused adolescents need psychological assistance and not drag queens to confuse their minds. Offering very harmful puberty blockers and cross sex steroids to adolescents is regarded as child abuse.

    The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) describes people with gender dysphoria as typically transgender and pictures gender dysphoria as ‘mild’ i.e. as not being a psychological problem when there is more to it than just emotional distress that hinders social functioning. They are forgetting the discrepancy between the individual’s thoughts and reality (delusion). The final stage also involves radical physical changes and body harm. Whilst surgery (including amputations) may lessen emotional reactions (fear, anger, humiliation, etc.) operations would not address the underlying psychological problem. In fact, even after surgery, the suicide rate of these people remains high.

    If Bible quotes are irrelevant for a Religion teacher, let us see what Pope Francis had to say. Pope Francis had described the forcing of gender ideology onto students in schools as a form of ideological colonization comparable to Hitler youth indoctrination (Westen 2015). The gender ideology challenges the complementarity between a man and a woman under the guise of seeking a more just society. On this, the Pope once said: “Let me draw your attention to the value and beauty of marriage. The differences between men and women are not of the order of opposition or subordination, but rather communion and generation, always as the image and semblance of God” (Montagna 2015).

    Let us also see what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say about the morality of gender change. “Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law” (Doyle 2017).

    And please do not picture drag queens as holy or vital for education:


    I am not saying that Mr Mallia was not a good Headmaster or that he deserves this treatment. And admittedly, those who never do anything never get into trouble.

    Having said that, however, my article explains what I think went wrong about Mr Mallia including my reply to the Religion Teacher of his school. Everything revolves on the false premise of ‘born this way’ argument which, as I have already explained in the article, holds no scientific basis. It’s the environment that matters most. The other thing one needs to understand is that transgender is only the final stage of a long journey. Being intersex (which is physically visible from birth) or having gender confusion (in medical terms called ‘gender dysphoria/gender identity’) are NOT in themselves ‘transgender’ and can be reversed. Once you understand these, you will realize how wrong we all were in taking certain decisions and implementing certain policies.

    Please note that: if a boy rejected typically masculine toys, later on had strong preference for girls as friends, used to cross-dress, and for several months during puberty he had a persistent desire to be a young lady and even insisted that he was a lady with a strong dislike to his sexual anatomy, it still does not mean he has changed into a transgender lady and can freely mix with girls in the showers. I repeat: transgenderism leading to transgender is only the final stage: here adolescents are given harmful puberty blockers and cross-sex steroids (later followed by surgeries) instead of receiving psychotherapy.

    Mainstream media and the corrupt medical community intentionally put gender confused children and intersex into the bracket of transgender to involve as many people (including parents and educators) as possible and so that when a researcher like me states that transgenderism is delusional they will all pounce on him and possibly eat him alive!

    I will soon be published on transgenderism – the condition that leads to the final stage, transgender. My research is endorsed by three leading psychiatrists from USA and Canada.

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