Is the Monkeypox deadly or not?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

According to The Guardian, the WHO has warned that “Monkeypox outbreak could be just the peak of the iceberg”[1]. Sylvie Briand, WHO’s epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention chief, while addressing state representatives attending the World Health Assembly in Geneva, said that the world is still in its beginning of detecting monkeypox cases and that there will surely be more cases. However, she emphasised that there is no need to raise the alarm because “This is not a disease the general public should be worried about”.  The Guardian explained that monkeypox is related to smallpox, a deadly disease which was eradicated in 1980, but from which most people recover within three to four weeks.

But in Malta, the approach appears that it is going to be different.  

So, can Newsbook explain why it has started the fearmongering plague, based on the same Covid rhetoric, by reporting that the first monkeypox death has occurred in Nigeria, pertaining to a forty year old who had underlying medical conditions?[2] Is the world to start witnessing and experiencing more deaths related to monkeypox? Was not this the same rhetoric used with regards to Covid?

According to Fearne, we should not be alarmed about monkeypox. He stressed that “monkeypox is not Covid” and that the closest thing to it is chickenpox.”[3]

However, after Sweden had its first monkeypox case confirmed, “Sweden’s government classified monkeypox as a disease dangerous to society.” In a press release, Health Minister Lena Hallengren said that “The classification gives access to the adoption of infection control measures aimed at preventing further spread. It is also important that information reaches vulnerable groups and that health services are prepared to handle and trace suspected cases.”[4]

Can the governments and the media start giving the same and consistent truth to the public?

According to The Telegraph, the “monkeypox virus may have evolved to be more transmissible” because experts are saying that “the virus may also be manifesting in different way – with the average age group affected changing.”[5]  So, should the public be concerned or is it being allowed to mix and get back to life pre-Covid, so that the monkeypox has a fast and smooth transmission and then another pandemic can be declared?

The Telegraph article states that last year, the developers of the monkeypox vaccination warned that the virus may have changed to be more effective at passing between people. In December 2021, experts at Bavarian Nordic, which manufactures Imvanex, the world’s only non-replicating smallpox and monkeypox vaccine, published a report forecasting the current global outbreak. They claimed that the absence of population immunity to orthopox viruses, which include smallpox and monkeypox, will likely lead to a “increase of monkeypox cases” due to smallpox’s eradication in 1980. However, specialists believe that the monkeypox virus is mutating to become more adept at passing from person to person. According to the experts, a 2014 study indicated that in 17% of cases, or around one in every six, there was substantial damage.

“Coincidentally”, on November 9, Bill Gates cautioned that countries must invest billions in research and development to prepare for future pandemics and smallpox terror attacks.[6] He has also “issued a warning of pandemics far worse than Covid-19” and has “called on governments to contribute billions of dollars to prepare for the next global outbreak”.[7]

How did this Microsoft founder, who is neither a doctor nor a scientist, become the prophetic visionary for public health?

So, is monkeypox the new outbreak? Is it contagious and dangerous? Is it deadly?

Is this monkeypox just another way to promulgate fear and try to use the air of public health emergency as a way to manipulate and coerce a population into taking actions that it would otherwise not take? Is it just another way to terrorise the public?

Isn’t it another wilful continuation of a campaign of domestic terror, so that the public remains in fear and in cognitive dissonance?

Or is it being used as a cover-up for the adverse side-effects and deaths which are being caused by the Covid-19 vaccines, through the process of desecrating that which is sacred, which is human life?








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