Scandal in Europe involving false Covid 19 passports

Blog post by Marica Micallef

While the WHO, global governments and health authorities have made citizens to believe in Covid vaccines while seeking for legal measures to compel them to do so, including the famous vaccine passports, it appears that even Big Pharma executives, prominent Spaniards, stars, sports personalities, and business leaders[1] were sceptical about the vaccine’s safety.

On 25th May 2022, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo[2] published an article whereby it reported that:

“The name of José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, president of PharmaMar, is on the list of names of thousands of those who have been falsely vaccinated against the coronavirus in Spain, as confirmed by police sources and reported by ‘El Periódico de España’. The president of the pharmaceutical company, founded 36 years ago, which has made headlines for the effectiveness of its drug Aplidin against covid , is among the more than 2,200 names on the list drawn up by the National Police on those falsely vaccinated against the disease.”

This Operation Jenner was an investigation executed by the National Police about a plot to provide false vaccination certificates, set up in September 2021 and which was active until January 2022.  The investigation led to the arrest of a nurse, and a nursing assistant at the La Paz University Hospital who fraudulently entered people’s names into the National Vaccination Registry, or Spain’s immunization register, in return for large sums of money. The amount one had to pay was determined by one’s social standing.

The president of PharmaMar was included in this plot or plan of those falsely vaccinated for claiming to have received the coronavirus vaccine’s third dose. The police also alleged that Sousa-Faro arranged to be injected with a saline solution instead of a Covid-19 vaccination.[3]

This Jenner operation also led to the dismantling of the criminal network that provided false Covid passports in the European Union and the demise of the Covid-19 phone passport scheme. Is this why the Covid passports were scrapped lately in many countries, including Italy?[4]

In addition to Fernández Sousa-Faro, the police list handed to the Madrid courts includes the names of other associates such as the artist Omar Montes and the Australian tennis player Lex de Miaur. Among those accused one finds Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera, a defender who played for Betis; Getafe, Levante, Valladolid, Fabio Diez Steinaker in beach volleyball, runner-up in Europe and fifth in the Sydney Olympic Games, the former Valencian boxer and wrestler Jose Luis Zapater, actress Veronica Echegui, soccer player Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera, the recognized and prestigious doctor Camilo Esquivel and Spanish rap singer Anier.

The investigation is still ongoing with more evidence being collected before many of those mentioned go to trial.

How fraudulent is it to know that while the average Spaniard did what the government asked, followed the regulations, and went out to get vaccinated, others believed they were above the law, unique in some way.

In all this, the main issue perhaps is that confidence has been destroyed. The fact that a president of a firm involved in Covid-19 vaccine research did not believe it was necessary or crucial to get vaccinated has many people questioning whether vaccinations are necessary or safe.





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