Eurovision falls to new predictable pathetic levels.

By Romegas

This year’s Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest’s prize was awarded to Ukraine. Such an outcome was never in doubt even before any of the artists contesting in the so-called competition appeared on stage. In a predictable contest beset by politics and virtue signaling, this must surely signify a new low in a contest that has long lost any pretense of either artistic competence or political impartiality.

Historically, recognizing the power of art, the Eurovision contest was originally intended to promote European inclusivity, however, it did not take long for it to descend into the opposite – with different nations initially using it to promote at the very least their culture and at worst their political agendas. The whole thing did not take too long before disintegrated into a contest where winners claimed their prize more on ideological or political agendas with block voting becoming a regular feature rather than artistic capabilities, even though up to a point there was still an attempt to maintain some semblance of artistic integrity.

Such pretense has now long been cast by the wayside, The Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest, has degenerated into nothing other than the cultural spearhead of the European Woke class – recent awards have been given, not on artistic capability but on one’s activism on promoting political agendas such as homosexuality, transgenderism and now Russophobia.

Saturday’s contest was won by a man wearing a pink lampshade leading a so-called orchestra in a cacophony of unarticulated noise that was truly atrocious. But it did not matter one bit – the person with the right agenda won – it must be so demoralizing for those who entered this contest and entertained the thought that they may win it on artistic grounds, (and even more to those who might think that their artistry will in the future get them far into this festival) – and while the level was characteristically low, there were certain songs such as those from Poland and Lithuania that at least did try to inject into the event some semblance of self-respect.

The truth is that the Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest  – has become a cultural embarrassment – a reflection of the disembodied state the West finds itself in – where it thinks that activism replaces merit and talent. A sure sign of a dead culture.

The organizers have tried to justify the result by explaining the vote as a ‘humanitarian one’ – really? So an art contest is now a humanitarian event? And how does a Ukrainian non-entity leading an ‘orchestra’ that well and truly sucks get to defy the competition’s own rules that demand that one remains apolitical with a message to save the Nazis bottled up in Azovstal actually win the competition without a whimper of protest in return?

It’s because the Eurovision is not a competition of artistic talent at all – it is an ideological cultural embarrassment. Let’s hope this time next year Ukraine, despite all of our virtue-signaling, will have somewhere to host it.

And our government must explain why it keeps spending hundreds of thousands of euros out of our taxes annually trying to compete in it.

Man in pink lampshade calling for the saving of Azov from Azovstal at the end of the song – in opposition of Eurovision rules – that are meant to be bent depending on the message:

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