Manuel Delia continues with more stories of fake news about Yorgen Fenech: this time round about the Oracle Casino

Today, there was another court case against Yorgen Fenech where he is being accused of money laundering. What came out during this sitting is that the police not only are unprepared but they do not even have a case! The magistrate presiding this case began asking direct questions to the police inspector who was unable to reply.

One has to remember that a number of individuals were arrested and kept in prison because of this case.  The Police opened the Law Court in great urgency for a presumed case amounting to less than 5000 euros of presumed money laundering. Furthermore, Yorgen Fenech was even charged with defrauding his own company. How can this be? The owners of Glimmer Ltd are two: Yorgen Fenech and his uncle Ray Fenech. When the Court asked whether the police had summoned Ray Fenech and asked for his views, the police replied they had not done so.  Therefore, how on earth, can the police prosecute a person for fraud when it has not even bothered to question one of the potential victims of this alleged fraud?

To add to this police farce we have its version about the Casino. The police gave the impression that Yorgen Fenech was being arraigned because he helped an individual to win at the Casino he owns. One needs to add that Yorgen Fenech is not accused of meddling with the slot machines but the inspector still implied that there was wrongdoing in the way how jackpots are won at Oracle casino.

This led Manuel Delia to write that:

This prompted Manuel Delia to write an article and demand that Government withdraws the license of this Casino. Manuel Delia either does not know how a casino operates or else wants to deceive. Nonetheless, what can be concluded is that he is the one to churn out fake news.

The slot machines in the casinos, like those used in online gaming, get results from what is known as Random Number Generator (RNG). Whoever works in gaming or is versed in computing, knows how RNG works. RNG is created by programmers and not by the Casino owners. Therefore, Yorgen Fenech or any other owner of a Casino cannot control the RNG. At least, if the police want to prove that Yorgen Fenech was tempted to somehow manipulate the RNG, they should have interrogated the programmers behind these slot machines.

Such grave accusations cannot be based merely on reading a chat message, telling someone to go and play as he is going to win. The operators and the persons who created the RNG for Fenech’s casinos are known. Have they been interrogated by the police in order to establish whether Fenech contacted them to ask them to arrange the programming of the slot machines so that one can win at a particular point in time as has been implied by the police inspector in court?

This detail should have been known to Manuel Delia because his wife works in the igaming sector. No company, which works in igaming can have control over the RNG. The same holds for the management of the casino. If the police want to prove their case, they should have started by interrogating the programmers and look into the workings behind these slot machines. What is certain is that casinos cannot change the outcome of these slot machines.

In truth, the Oracle Casino – the one owned by Fenech is operated by the Austrian company Novamatic. Why would Novamatic be interested in changing an outcome from a slot machine or manipulate its machines to make Yorgen Fenech’s friends win a game? Is this company so stupid to risk its reputation? Has the inspector in question, investigated and questioned the administrators of this Australian company before issuing charges against Yorgen Fenech?

Furthermore, all the casinos and those owned by the Fenech’s are not an exception, are subject to inspections by government officials, and have to report every single win and jackpot!

For Manuel Delia to make such a statement about Yorgen Fenech and affirm that he manipulated the machines to give wins to his friends – is utter dishonesty and shameful. Delia knows that what he is implying in his article is a criminal act and Yorgen Fenech is not being accused by the police of such malpractice.

All slot machine operators are already making big money and they certainly do not need to manipulate the RNG to make a few more thousand euros.  I am stating this to show how Manuel Delia tries to spin fake news and make stupid arguments that can only serve to propagate his agenda of misinformation together with his followers.

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