Methode Electronics Malta Ltd is trying to bully me through their lawyer.

A few days ago, I received a letter from a legal representative of Methode Electronics Malta Ltd. (Methode) with reference to a blog post published on my site under the heading “Methode Electronics forced its employees, who did not take the vaccine, on unpaid leave”.

Methode Electronics Malta Ltd informed me that they cannot trace the original blog post to which a reference was made in the post published on my site. Methode Electronics Malta Ltd states that that post is false. Through its lawyer, Methode insisted that no employee was forced, or indeed invited, to take any unpaid leave, as a result of his/her vaccination status. This statement has now been proven to be incorrect.

On my part, before publishing the article in question, I wrote to Methode Electronics Ltd, using their Facebook page to asking them to kindly confirm or deny this story, before proceeding with its publication. I never received a reply.

Despite the fact that I did not receive a reply, I had no problem complying with the request of their lawyer and removed the post in question from Facebook and from this site. The intention of this site is to speak and report the truth.

This site was created to stand up against bullies, being in business, in politics, or in any other position. Therefore, if any lawyer thinks, because he or she has a warrant, that they can intimidate a priori anybody who writes on this site, they have to think again.

I uphold any material that I publish on this site for the simple reason that I do my homework and verify that it is based on facts.

The story published about Methode was based on factual information and I will be discussing it in a separate article.

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