Alessandra Dee Crespo: act constructively not destructively and stop yapping

In the Times of Malta (16/06/21) Alessandra Dee Crespo, in her Opinion column, has had the audacity to repeatedly name drop and ridicule others in a fickle attempt to indiscriminately denigrate and spread more venom as though there is not enough of it already in circulation. She does all this without a care in the world and, in the process, is quite content to misinform readers. This is a cardinal sin. Not only is she ultra-selective in her article but it is also clear that all she can do is follow a mob’s mantra. One would have hoped that a woman in her position within the Catholic Church in Malta would refrain from such idiocies.

Surely she could do better than just repeat a mob’s call? Yet, she does just that. Let’s take a couple of examples; she writes:

the tired mantra of his predecessor who was gifted €120,000 for his efforts to make our country the ‘Best in Europe’…

This is not quite correct is it Ms Crespo?

The predecessor you refer to is Joseph Muscat and he was not gifted anything. He was simply paid according to his contract … And as surely you know a contract cannot be broken arbitrarily simply because you object. If you feel so strongly about such payments, then get your ‘buddies’ to raise the matter in the proper quarters and get the law changed. Probably, I would agree that it should be changed or killed outright. But realistically, I am afraid that this is quite unlikely to happen because, as you well know, and we have been informed, former prime minister Lawrence Gonzi too was ‘gifted’ – as you call it – roughly €81,638 when he stepped down. And were she to do her homework, she would find that there are quite a number of former political personalities who have benefitted from such parting gifts. Obviously, she chose the unfair route of presenting this contractual ‘gift’ because he was Abela’s predecessor.  Shoddy piece indeed.

In another para Ms Crespo writes:  

…how can Abela speak about economic growth when huge chunks of taxpayers’ money that can be invested for the common good are finding their way into the deep pockets of blue-eyed boys like the Apap Bolognas, the Gasans, James Barbara of James Caterers Ltd, Silvio Debono of db Group, the Zammit Tabonas…?

Again, let’s just take the caterer Crespo mentions. Is she aware that this same caterer is the same blue-eyed boy of the Nationalists who went so far, when they were still in power, to renew his catering services a long time before the contract was due to expire?!!!  

One would have hoped that, as President-elect of Repubblika, she would have a less biased approach when writing but it is not to be. Unfortunately, little does she realize that this bitty reporting is not going to lead anywhere. It is simply another recipe for disaster.  

On a separate note, Crespo is so far removed from Christian doctrine that the fact that she is now also Malta Chancellor of the Regional Tribunal of Second Instance, appointed by our Archbishop, certainly will be doing more harm than good to the Church. Such articles will continue to undermine the confidence that the Maltese people have in the Catholic church and in this Ecclesiastical Tribunal. I, for one, will never seek redress from such a tribunal when I know that its chancellor writes such biased and unfair articles.

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