The Nuremberg Principles

Blog post by the Human Health Alliance

The Human Health Alliance is asking if local journalists have any idea of the importance of The Nuremberg Principles and The Nuremberg. These principles and codes are part of the international law. Journalists must now more than ever report the facts that lawyers and doctors the world over are working together to prepare more legal actions than those already taken and successfully concluded. The public must know that everyone who has designed, perpetrated, and violated human rights under the COVID agenda is going to face a court of law sooner or later. Probably sooner than even they expect, because the COVID ship is sinking all over the world as violations of the Nuremberg Code can no longer be denied.

This could also mean that some members of the media may be held to account for their role in active COVID-19 misinformation or acts of omission in their journalistic work, all of which is publicly available and highly self-incriminating. But it is never too late to start doing authentic journalism and Human Health Alliance are asking Maltese journalists to renew your commitment to being the Fourth Estate. All our freedoms rely on each and every journalist commitment to this vital role in our society.

Maltese society is now threatened with losing its remaining natural freedoms, including that of travel and freedom of movement. These are coercive tactics that violate the law. Again, they will tell us it’s for a limited timeframe, just like they did in the spring of 2020. Again, Human Health Alliance will doubt them and question them but journalists did not have the decency to answer them. Because they think they are the masters and citizens are the servants.

And so it is that we are now here, more than half a year after a judicial protest questioning COVID measures that you in the media mocked and disregarded. In reality, it was the perfect blueprint for you to carry out genuine journalism and if you had done so, maybe the country would look a lot different now. Maybe the government would have stopped its cruel interference in the health sovereignty of individual citizens, resulting in less and less freedom. When will the Fourth Estate finally take a stand for freedom and denounce these abominable human rights violations?

THe Nuremberg Code – 1947

The Nuremberg Principles – 1947

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  1. Saviour Balzan, fil programm tighu fuq TVM ftit granet ilu filwaqt li kien qed jghamel mistoqsija qal” … ahna il-midja nghamlu l-ahbar …”. qed jiddikkjara li il-midja qed tghamel (jigifieri tohloq) u mhux ixxandar l-ahbar.

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