Human Health Alliance claims the Maltese Government is robbing citizens of their freedom

Blog post by Human Health Alliance

Every oppressive and criminal action taken by every government in history has been shrouded in some benign story justifying the aggression for the good of the people or the nation. Since 2020, our government, who swore an oath to serve us and our constitution, has robbed us of our freedom to decide our own lives and measure our own risks as is natural to all free human beings. This interference in our private decisions is not acceptable in a democratic society where the government is a servant, not a master.

How is it that while over 55,000 doctors and medical scientists have supported the simple Great Barrington Declaration, which is critical of the World Health Organization (WHO) scripted COVID-19 management slavishly followed by Malta, this unprecedented document has been utterly ignored by the health authorities and local media? Are the editorial boards in Malta so much more knowledgeable in the subjects covered by these 55,000 doctors, scientists, and professors that they can decide that such a historic declaration is not worth reporting or investigating in any way?

Has the media been reduced to being the bullhorn for an official state narrative laid down from above? Nothing about the COVID agenda could have been possible without the news media fear-mongering on behalf of the authorities. But what does the media going to do when the country starts reading more and more links and opens attachments like the ones below?

The Human Health Alliance in its statement is also asking when are the journalists going to see the facts, facts that have already been seen in Sweden, Florida, Nicaragua, South Dakota, Texas, and other jurisdictions that these measurements infringe on human rights and destroy economies, businesses, livelihoods, and families? How does Malta compare to them?

Below, there is a sampling of the evidence which for some reason the Maltese media has not reported, or has dismissed, including the inevitable coming attempt to transition COVID fear to induce us into accepting the implantation of permanent (objects) into our bodies to monitor for COVID. Human Health Alliance is happy to provide even more information and testimony to genuine journalists who are interested in being on the right side of history.

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