Raphael Vassallo and Daphne’s emails

Raphael Vassallo wrote a very interesting piece about the on-going investigations on the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. In a nutshell, Vassallo is stating that the motive is not yet clear and without a clear motive, the police cannot prove Yorgen Fenech’s guilt in an open court. I fully agree with his reasoning. In concluding his article, he goes on to refer to and here I quote :

“In any case, I could go on with the conspiracy theories – there are even those who believe that Yorgen Fenech is being ‘framed’; and that the real murderers are none other than Daphne’s own family … – but… well, that example alone proves just how unhelpful all this speculation really is.”

Ironcially the reply to Raphael Vassallo’s comment about “how unhelpful all this speculation really is” is to be found in the previous two paragraphs of his article where Vassallo refers to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s laptop. Vassallo writes and I quote

“…while there may be room to argue that the Maltese police simply can’t be trusted to evaluate the information… what about Interpol? Europol? Or the German police, who have (allegedly, at any rate) been in possession of Daphne’s laptop for three whole years?

Unless those, too, are somehow involved in a conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice in this case… there is no reason why they would withhold any evidence those emails might provide (against Yorgen Fenech; or anyone else, for that matter).”

My question to Raphael Vassallo is the following. Why haven’t the police published the emails that Daphne received and sent prior to her assassination? Why have the police not disclosed these emails as it is bound to do on the grounds of disclosure? What is there in these emails that is so disturbing?

Veteran journalist, Godfrey Grima on my Facebook Page referred to these emails and asked why are they being kept hidden? If these emails had any information, which by chance, could incriminate Yorgen Fenech, I am sure that the police would have already published them. I am sure that Raphael Vassallo agrees with me on this point.

However, by the same token, disclosure would solve the mystery once and for all as to why the police are dragging their feet and not coming forward with the contents of these emails. What and who is holding them back from disclosure? Sooner or later, they will have to be made available to the court and the defence.  

Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that the only reason the police and the family do not want to reveal the contents of these emails is simply because once revealed, the people will definitely start doubting the integrity of the police, the family and the whole process of criminal justice in Malta.

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