A reply by Marica Micallef to the relative whose uncle got cured from “Covid-19”.

Firstly, I am pleased to read that your uncle survived and is now out of hospital. PRAISE THE LORD. However, I will not enter into the merit of whether your uncle had “Covid-19” or not.  Most probably, he had, like my father, a lung infection or pneumonia.

Secondly, kindly note that it is wrong to tell the public not to intervene and not to interfere with the doctors’ work.  If we had not intervened, my father would have long been dead – 27th October was, according to doctors the day he should have passed away. Relatives have a right to know what is going on and yes, do whatever they can to safeguard their loved ones!

Thirdly, can I ask how you were given the permission to visit your loved one and show him stuff? We were never allowed to do anything. First, in ITU 6, we were told to see him behind a glass pane, 2 metres away and in ITU 1, we were not allowed to take out mobile phones and other stuff!!

Fourthly, kindly note that due to our intervention, and treatment which saved my dad, your uncle was saved. Please note that this treatment did not derive from local doctors, (TRUTH WILL BE OUT SOON), but thanks to the fact that it started to be applied by local doctors, many other patients were saved. In other words, they were administered the same procedures and given the same treatment, that we, as relatives, insisted to be given to our father. In fact, in ITU 1, I noticed many patients suddenly being weaned off the ventilator the way my father was, because of our intervention!!!

Did they ever tell you “Go and say your last goodbye?”  This was told to us. I am pleased that you want to thank the doctors. Unfortunately, my family and I have a different experience. With humility, instead, please remember to thank my family, who not only saved the life of my father, but that of others too!

PS. Marica Micallef will be on my programme, Simon Mercieca Jiddiskuti, on Wednesday, 3rd February, to speak about her experience. The programme starts at 8.30 pm.

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