How come Jason Azzopardi seems to be in possession of secret information?

On Monday, when Parliament reconvened following the Christmas recess, Jason Azzopardi asked a number of parliamentary questions to the Minister of Justice, Edward Zammit Lewis. Azzopardi’s questions were rhetorical. He asked whether it is true that there is an ongoing magisterial inquiry and that the magistrate involved in this inquiry advised the attorney general to institute criminal proceedings against the owner of Pilatus Bank on a charge of money laundering. Jason Azzopardi also asked whether it is true that the magistrate in question requested that FIAU and MFSA should be investigated in order  to establish whether there was any wrong doing at their end when issuing the licence to the bank in question   

Minister Zammit Lewis replied that investigations by Magistrates are secret. How did Jason Azzopardi obtain this highly confidential information? The Minister reprimanded Azzopardi saying that he was interfering in the case and that his behaviour was prejudicial to the case and he should know better. How is it that Jason Azzopardi has access to all this information?  The Minister did not mince his words; he even told Azzopardi to allow the institutions to do their job properly.

While fully concurring with the Minister’s stand, I have the following question for the Minister of Justice. Is the minister prepared to order  an internal inquiry to establish who gave such information to Jason Azzopardi? Is the Office of the Attorney General prepared to present a note in court against Dr. Azzopardi for being party to secret court information and by his question in parliament he is prejudicing the case? Considering all the recent leakages in court proceedings why is this Government not investigating and taking action to put a stop to all these leakages? It does not take an Einstein to get to the mole.  What does Azzopardi stand to gain from creating such disruption?  

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