Marica Micallef writes about THE BOGUS PCR-TEST – PART TWO

In Part One,  I questioned whether  the PCR-TEST is being used for the right diagnosis, since, ITS INVENTOR, KARY MULLIS, had said that PCR IS A THERMAL CYCLING METHOD USED TO MAKE UP TO BILLIONS OF COPIES OF A SPECIFIC DNA SAMPLE, MAKING IT LARGE ENOUGH TO STUDY.  Yet, for the sceptics, its inventor does not know anything about the PCR-TEST but the WHO and other authorities know better.  The sceptics might also ask then why is humanity worldwide being asked to undergo this testing?  Well, since PCR-Testing has to do with our DNA, then I question you to just ponder about these two questions:  Could it be that every time you take a swab, a tissue sample of your DNA goes into a government * database to track you down?  Could it be that with your tissue samples, vaccines will mess up with your DNA?  Time will tell….

(* PS when it comes to government I am referring to it globally here. Sadly, in Malta it is all about blue and red and criticising something means that you are against the government. I think we have a right to criticise anything which is not good, no matter who is governing! It is time to shift this mentality!)

The sceptics might also be wondering how come I view the PCR-TEST as bogus! Well, I see it RIGHTLY SO, since I have experienced it first-hand through the experience of my beloved father.  My father was tested Covid-19 positive on the 9th of October at Mater Dei Outpatients’ section and was sent home while asked to take Panadols and be self-quarantined. During this inhumane self-quarantine policy, my father developed breathing problems and was admitted back to hospital on the 13th of October.  While in the brown ward, he phoned a lot of people since he was a highly active 66 year old pensioner, and he even called me to remind me to take him his glasses. He even texted my mum to inform her that he had eaten two sandwiches and drank a cup of tea and that he had been done a blood test and he had a pipe going through his nose to help him breathe. An hour later, my mother was informed that my father was put in ITU on the ventilator (I will tackle this deadly and dangerous machine in a future blog).

It was a Saturday when I asked one of the medical staff to see any tests that were done on my father on the 9th and on the 13th which could aid him in his recovery, instead of being sent straight to ITU. The word “no” was repeated often, while getting a hesistant “yes” to see the Covid-19 test results.  Many calls went on between staff for me to be given these tests and I wondered why and what is the fuss behind a piece of paper. While walking out of hospital, I realised that I was given only one test result, which showed that my dad had tested positive on the 18th of October. But I wanted ALL tests that my father had been done (I was told that covid-19 testing had been ongoing on my father. So where were the rest?) A week later, on us being bluntly told that my father won’t make it and is dying, my brother and I asked, via a legal letter, for the right of visitation, change of treatment and for us to see my father’s PCR-Tests.  After a lengthy and difficult meeting with some of the medical staff, I could see some of the tests done on my father on one of the hospital’s computer.  Guess? My father was tested positive on the 9th, TWICE NEGATIVE ON THE 14TH WHEN HE WAS ALREADY IN ITU!!!!!!, positive on the 18th and NEGATIVE ON THE 19TH.

If all this lack of accuracy and unreliability does not make such a test bogus, then I do not know what else does make it so!!! AND THEN I REALISED WHY I WAS GIVEN ONLY THE 19TH OCTOBER POSITIVE RESULT….BECAUSE BEING TESTED NEGATIVE ON THE 14TH TWICE WHILE HE HAD ALREADY BEEN PUT IN ITU, QUESTIONS A LOT OF THINGS AND RAISES A LOT OF EYEBROWS…WELL, IT SURELY RAISED MINE. When I asked how come this mix of positive/negative results, I was told that “it depends on who does them” (make sure you have it done with the same person, people!) and “they are human too and can do mistakes too”. Well, when it comes to something serious as this and the health and life of a person and of a nation, I DO NOT ACCEPT MISTAKES.

So, again I question:  Since these PCR-Tests are being used to “KEEP US SAFE AND HEALTHY” as they like to make us believe, and are done in laboratories, they should be reliable, no? Since these PCR-Tests, according to sceptics, show us if we are positive or not, then we are either always positive or we are always negative, right?? Well, it seems they are bogus and more bogus.  So, I keep on insisting, that the confusion around these PCR-Tests is huge and that yes, they are a big bogus! Pity that my beloved father got entangled in this confusion and that his life was endangered. And with my father, are those other martyrs at ITU whom my heart cries for daily, including for their families. I have many fingers to point at as to how suddenly my father’s life was slowly fading away.  And the PCR-Test is the first I point my finger to.

On further asking at hospital why, since my father was tested twice negative on the 14th, wasn’t he done other tests as to show what was causing his breathing problems and why wasn’t he removed from ITU and done further tests, I was told that the first positive test is given more weight and that a negative test can be false negative! My eyebrows were further raised. For me, it did not make sense,  because even a positive can be a false positive, right? And more did it not make sense for me while I was losing the person whom I not only adored and loved so much, but I was losing the person who loved me unconditionally and with whom I had a very special, unique bond. Without him in my life, nothing was ever going to be the same since he was always the point of reference whenever I needed comfort, support or whenever I was at crossroads.

(more on these Bogus PCR-Tests in the next blog)

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