Marica Micallef writes about THE BOGUS PCR-TEST (PART 1)

Bill Gates, who doesn’t know him? –  an American software developer, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and “such a generous philanthropist”.  He is also one of those philanthropists which is making us all think that out there, this dangerous Corona Virus has decided to eliminate as many of us as possible and that he is such a good philanthropist, that he is also funding, out of his own pockets, the much-awaited vaccine that will cure us all and can then, finally, befriend the virus and live happily ever after.

What he forgets to add is that we have are born, naturally, with a strong immune system, stronger than concrete and which no crane can demolish, that no virus or pathogen can kill us.  So, there is no reason for all humanity to be scared of this corona virus because the natural law, which stems from the Divine, through God, in us, says so! The Corona virus has created fear mongering and fear is a low-vibrating energy and anything that tries to frighten us comes from the evil forces in the spiritual battle between good and evil, angels and demons, God and Satan, the body and the virus, humanity and the Cabal.  Our immune system can tackle anything that is toxic because it naturally adapts through its genetic information while it emits telegrams of vital evolutionary code, known as “viruses” or “retroviruses”. 

Surely, death is part of life.  We must die from one thing or another.  But not the way Bill Gates wants us to believe – that we die at the mercy of pathogens, which enjoy having a siesta on our kitchen surfaces, hands, tarmac, shoes and in us.  This is not “true science” which stems from the nature of the natural law.  This is “Globalist Science” which is evil and stems from terrorism, war and social engineering.  Corona Virus is part of this “Globalist Science”. 

But lo and behold, he and health authorities, made us even believe that this virus, which is still so unknown to them, can, be detected via the Polymerase Chain Reaction Tests, in short PCR Tests, making all of us think that these PCR-Tests will hopefully give laboratories a lot of information about this virus so that a vaccine can be created….fast and furious. But, beside not telling us that this is not the case, they even forgot to add that when a person is “tested positive”, it does not actually mean that that person has the virus. 


The answer has it the inventor of the PCR-Test himself, Kary Mullis, who when interviewed back in 1994 by Celia Farber, was already angry that those tests had been WRONGLY AND FALSELY USED AS A WEAPON TO “PROVE” THAT HIV ACTUALLY CAUSED AIDS.  For 22 years there was an HIV war which few of us know about.  It was a war between Globalist post-modern HIV scientists and classical scientists. Unfortunately, the latter lost because globalist science, like it is doing now, used relentless violence while the corrupt mainstream media, owned and led by the billionaire and another “generous philanthropist” Boros, has another agenda other than “keeping the general public informed”. Back in 1989, researchers had claimed that they could finally detect HIV in a bigger amount of viral particles via the PCR Tests, however, Mullis and his colleague Dr Peter Duesberg, firstly do not believe that the retrovirus HIV causes AIDS and have always pushed for a re-examination as to what truly causes AIDS and secondly, being tested HIV positive does not truly prove that HIV causes AIDS. 

So what did Mullis, a Nobel Prize Winner, invent the PCR Tests for?  He invented them under a formula for DNA amplification, based on the concept of “reiterative exponential growth processes” which he picked up from computer programs.  Henceforth, PCR TESTS ARE A THERMAL CYCLING METHOD USED TO MAKE UP TO BILLIONS OF COPIES OF A SPECIFIC DNA SAMPLE, MAKING IT LARGE ENOUGH TO STUDY.

So, I ask these questions for all of us to ponder on:

  1.  If Mullis himself argued against PCR Testing being used as a diagnostic tool for HIV, would he also argue that the testing is being used WRONGLY AGAIN to test Corona/Covid?
  2. Since in HIV testing, people who tested “HIV positive” still did not prove that HIV causes AIDS, all those people who are now being tested “Corona/Covid positive”, does it prove that they actually have it or that the symptoms they have are being caused by this same virus?

Dr Duesberg had once claimed that “Human beings are full of retroviruses. We don’t know if it is hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands.  We’ve only recently started to look for them. But THEY’VE NEVER KILLED ANYBODY BEFORE. PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS SURVIVED RETROVIRUSES”. This is because we are naturally born (and this again leads me to my argument in the first part of the blog) with millions of pathogens and a strong immune system to fight them once they become active.  So if it is not this “dangerous and deadly corona/covid virus” that Bill Gates and the Cabal want us to believe in, which is killing those certified dead with it, what is, in reality, killing them? And, what is making others sick?

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