Saviour Balzan should have been honest with his readers and told them that one of the prime suspects in Daphne’s murder was her husband

In his piece published last Sunday, Saviour Balzan referred to the fact that there exists an Europol report which exculpates Yorgen Fenech from being the murderer or mastermind in the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. This report was the result of an investigation that Europol carried out regarding her murder. Saviour Balzan referred to this report and stated that:

Saviour Balzan should have had the decency to state that in this report compiled by Europol, the prime suspect was given as Keith Schembri. The second suspect was listed as Daphne’s husband because of his multiple infidelities.

Henceforth one expects that whoever is charged with femicide will be given the same rights and privileges given to Daphne’s husband and his family to select the magistrates and judges who would be eventually presiding his case and alleged involvement in the femicide.

To hash up the situation even more – if at all possible – the deputy advocate of the Republic, Philip Galea Farrugia did all in his power and resorted to dirty tricks to ensure that during the compilation of evidence Keith Schembri, the corrupt and pathological liar Melvin Theuma and members of the Caruana Galizia family would not be crossed examined by the defence lawyers of Yorgen Fenech thus bringing the inquiry to an abrupt halt.

Finally, the Maltese can understand why Matthew Caruana Galizia stated that the chief investigating officer is his hero because he is one of those who did not follow up Europol’s report but instead chose to discard the lead given by Europol as to who are the real culprits in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

I am writing this in the wake of what the Degiorgio brothers stated in their open letter so that the Maltese nation can understand why the Caruana Galizia family sought to discredit their testimony. In the future, I will also explain why the Church media sought to discredit what is contained in these two brothers’ declaration.

I am also writing this in the hope that Vicki Ann Cremona will understand where the actual mafia in this case is to be found and who is speaking in the interest of the mafiosi.

This self admittance by Saviour Balzan confirms that he was part of the big spin that tried to portray Yorgen Fenech as the mastermind in this murder when the masterminds were others. I wish to remind the readers that I was alone in stating that Yorgen Fenech is being framed, and despite Balzan having all the evidence in hand, he sought to discredit me by attacking my academic credentials and calling me a gun for hire. Balzan only decided to start telling the truth after feeling threatened by the Opus Dei member Jason Azzopardi.

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