embraces the propaganda again – this time, it makes fun of all those who are against the microchipping agenda.

By Marica Micallef is at it again. It continues with its propaganda while pushing the agenda of the microchipping. This time, makes fun of all those who are against this agenda, and quotes some of the comments that the presenter of “Gadgets”, Ian Busuttil Naudi, received once the media reported his experience of being microchipped.

The article, entitled “Minflok jisirqulek il-kartiera, jisirqulek idejk – xi kummenti li rċieva Ian Busuttil Naudi wara li għamel iċ-ċippa f’idu[1], which also has an uploaded video of Naudi reading the comments he received, reads:

Ftit tal-ġimgħat ilu, il-preżentatur ta’ Gadgets Ian Busuttil Naudi għamel intervent fejn daħħal ċippa f’idu sabiex dan ikun jista’ jħallas biha, minflok jagħmel użu mill-credit cards.

Għal xi nies, dan li għamel Ian ma niżilx daqshekk tajjeb u kienu ħafna l-persuni li taw il-kummenti tagħhom dwar dan. Fuq il-paġna ta’ Gadgets fuq TokTok intefa’ filmat fejn juri lil Ian jaqra ftit minn dawn il-kummenti.

Kumment minnhom kien jgħid li issa minflok jisirqulu l-kartiera lil Ian ser jisirqulu idejh u ieħor qal li issa kulħadd ser jibda jieħu lil Ian għax-shopping. “Komplu ġennu n-nies u ħajruhom għal dal-ġenn! Mhux biżżejed ħadt il-booster chip…”, jgħid kumment ieħor, li għal dan Ian infaqa’ jidħaq u qal li l-booster żgur ma kellhiex ċippa għax għal ċippa l-labra tkun akbar.””

In English, this translates to:

A few weeks ago, the presenter of Gadgets Ian Busuttil Naudi made an intervention where he inserted a chip in his hand so that he could pay with it, instead of using credit cards.

For some people, what Ian did, did not go down so well and there were many people who gave their comments about this. On the Gadgets page on TokTok, a video was shown showing Ian reading some of these comments.

A comment from them said that now instead of stealing Ian’s wallet they will steal his hands, and another said that now everyone will start taking Ian shopping. “You are continuing to entice people for such madness! It’s not enough I took the booster chip…”, says another comment, to which Ian burst out laughing and said that the booster definitely didn’t have a chip because for a chip the needle would be bigger.

It is clear that according to and Naudi, you cannot go against the trend. If you decide not to, you become a laughingstock of the same media and of tell-a-vision presenters who regard you as crazy. And it is people like Naudi, together with the media like with its propaganda, who will eventually push a nation for microchipping, as this is a matter of demand and supply. Establishments will move with the demand of the customers. If most customers decide to get microchipped like Naudi and thanks to the media who gave it publicity, then establishments will start accepting payments via the microchip. And so will the banks turn digital. Abroad, as I will show you in a future piece, banks already are.

There are people out there who know what the agenda behind microchipping is and even if there wasn’t any agenda, maybe they do not want it at all! So, why are such people coerced to follow the trend, simply because the masses blindly do?

And if Naudi thinks that the booster or the Covid-19 vaccines did not have a chip because for a chip, the needle must be bigger, then I suggest that he does some technological investigation after reading a past blog of mine entitled: “A doctor claims to have detected addresses in Covid vaccinated individuals[2] and do a follow-up on his program “Gadgets”.

And as for, together with all local media portals, all I can say is that investigative journalism with a pinch of critical thinking is dead. Instead, we get propaganda, agendas, and copy and paste of whatever they are allowed to write.



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