A Doctor claims to have detected addresses in Covid vaccinated individuals

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Dr Luis Miguel De Benito, a digestive physician with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, has recorded an excerpt of an experiment he conducted which has found what would appear to be mysterious MAC addresses detected in vaccinated individuals with Bluetooth applications.”[1]

It was  Klaus Schwab, founder, and chairman of The World Economic Forum (WEF) himself who stated, in an interview with Swiss Channel RTS back in 10th  January 2016 that human beings will soon receive a chip in their body in order to merge with the digital world. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQWoMy-URPk)

In the same interview, when he was asked when there would be implantable chips, Schwab replied, “Certainly in the next ten years, first, we will wear them in our clothes, and then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains or on our skin.” He is repeatedly saying that “COVID-19 is “a rare but narrow window of opportunity to rethink, reinvent, reset our world.”

According to Schwab, “In the end, maybe there will be a direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world.

Dr Benito’s findings from his experiment conducted in the summer of 2021, could suggest that Schwab’s plans for this fusion, may have already come to fruition through COVID gene therapy injections, which according to Benito, appear to install a MAC address inside individuals who have taken the jab.

What Dr Benito did was he occasionally parked an ambulance from SUMA from the emergency service, because of a base they have there, which were the only “interferences” he detected. He started consultations at 15.00 and he had patients every 20 minutes.  All these patients came alone due to Covid measures. Before starting the consultation, Dr. Benito connected a Bluetooth application on his cell phone while checking that there was no other electronic device in range to connect to. When a patient appeared, often already up the stairs or at the beginning of the corridor, about 20 meters away from the practice, Dr. Benito could already see on his cell phone if one or two or no devices to connect to with Bluetooth, appeared.

On his phone, he could check to see if the Bluetooth was detecting something or nothing and if it was something, it was a device with a MAC Address (Media Access Control) code. This is a unique identifier that electronic device manufacturers assign to a card or item that can be networked. After attending to the patient, Dr Benito asked whether he had been vaccinated for Covid. Dr Benito would then ask them to turn off for a moment any cell phone or electronic device such as a wireless headset or tablet on them. When they turned it off, one of the devices that registered to Bluetooth on Dr Benito’s phone would disappear.

Of the 137 patients questioned, 112 said they had been vaccinated, and 25 said they hadn’t been vaccinated. None of the patients who said they hadn’t been vaccinated registered on his cell phone any device available for Bluetooth connection, having ensured the disconnection of their cell phone, if they had one.

In 96 patients of the 112 who said they had been vaccinated, 96 of the 112 having switched off their electronic devices if they were carrying them, a MAC code remained on the screen of my cell phone, which he had already noted in my notes next to the patient’s medical history.

Here are two more videos where MAC addresses of the vaccinated, received from their vaccine batch, appeared on a plane and in restaurants:

What does this mean exactly and where will it lead to?

[1] https://lorphicweb.com/doctor-detects-mac-addresses-in-covid-vaccinated-individuals-with-bluetooth-applications/

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