Feminists are starting again to consider ‘trans’ ideology as a threat

This is an extremely interesting article. In my course on the history of sexuality, I delve into the history behind this argument. Trans were at first considered to be a threat to the feminist movement. Then, they were integrated and started to be supported by this movement but now the views are changing. I will not go into the argument of whether Miriam Cates is correct or not – even if, on a personal level, I agree with her argument. But her article is extremely interesting and to the point. In it, she refers to the lecturer from Sussex University, Kathleen Stock, who questioned certain ideas regarding sexuality and how she was personally attacked by powerful lobbies because what she says is not in line with what powerful lobbies want academics to preach today regarding the subject.

A number of activists wanted to silence her for being critical of gender views. Cates is correct in her argument that ‘in a tolerant democracy, no one has the right to force anyone else to agree with their beliefs, whether that be religion, creed or gender ideology.’ This is not democracy. Unfortunately, in Malta, we have a group of individuals, supported by the mainstream media who pushes this sort of agenda and wants everyone to agree with its views. To reach this aim, these individuals try not only to intimidate those who disagree with them but seek also to attack their academic credentials and demand the University to investigate them.

At least, in Malta, we did not reach the level, where academics need bodyguards to accompany them to work and back home because of their views!

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