Was the REMDESEVIR drug experimented on my dad?

Blogpost by Marica Micallef

When dad was hospitalised, a lot of medicine was administered to him intravenously – medicine which did not only make him worse, but which put him more on the brink of death.  So, how come we are told that there is all this progress in medicine and yet, none of all this cured my dad or brought about an improvement? Is this the scientific progress that science boasts about?  What kind of science is this – which seems to be a science which cannot be questioned and which has taken the place of God?

Let us start with one of the first my dad was administered – REMDESEVIR, AN ANTI-VIRAL drug, which is said to bind to the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, and does not let the virus replicate. Also, it is a drug which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of Covid-19.  Well, if this was so, then my dad would have been up and about and cured after a week, no? So, I wonder how come this drug was approved and as I state further down, it was even tried and tested in experiments and showed to work and yet, with my dad, it definitely failed. My dad was just a guineapig. I also ask, since when, since we were told that there is no cure for Covid, my dad was being given an anti-viral drug? If there is no cure, then why give something which is not yet known to work?

In the website https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/antiviral-therapy/remdesivir/ it is stated that the treatment of remdesivir has even helped against acute respiratory syndrome of coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and that those animals which were treated with  remdesivir had lower virus levels in the lungs and LESS LUNG DAMAGE! How come my dad developed further lung damage, though he was being administered this drug?

Again, I keep on asking – since my dad was tested negative twice on his first day in ITU, this should have meant that he is negative to the virus, no? So, the anti-viral drug should have been stopped. Instead, he was kept on remdesivir, and given more medicine.

To add insult to injury, it was WHO which recommended its usage, only to, later in mid-November, revise its guidelines, and recommend against the usage of this anti-viral drug, stating that it had no evidence that the drug was improving patients. It definitely did not improve my dad, dear WHO and dear US regulators, which approved this drug as the treatment of Covid-19 patients.  And, if other patients were also being treated with this drug at the same time that dad was hospitalised, how come it also failed them and patients kept on dying. In fact, the WHO’s Guideline Development Group said that clinical data showed that the drug did not increase survival.

Then what were those experiments which showed that this anti-viral drug work, about?

Was my dad just being experimented upon?  The implications of using remdesivir intravenously are very serious.  In a trial study that took place at 55 hospitals in the United States, Asia, and Europe from Mar 6 to 26, 397 coronavirus patients with pneumonia were given the drug and the common side effects which were noticed  included nausea; WORSENING RESPIRATORY FAILURE; elevated alanine aminotransferase level, indicating LIVER DAMAGE ; and CONSTIPATION.

So, did my dad develop respiratory failure, liver damage and constipation thanks to such a drug? Why didn’t this drug help him? Why are patients in ITU guinea pigs, being tested with whatever WHO recommends, only to then go back from its recommendations?

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