Nine PN Candidates for tomorrow’s election in Sliema submit their resignation

This statement is being issued on behalf of all those candidates, listed below, who just withdrew their candidatures for the PN Sliema Sectional Committee. As a group of active members of the Nationalist Party, our candidature represented an opportunity for us to continue our work and bring fresh blood and new ideas to a sectional committee in what is a crucial district for the Party.

It was therefore extremely disappointing when our candidatures were met by a level of vehemence and vitriol that are certainly completely out of place in the context of an election to a sectional committee of the same Party we all hold dear.

Allegations have been made on social media, with words like “liars” being bandied about by people, who frankly should know better. Not only are the allegations incorrect, but they also embody a divisive and belligerent attitude that no longer belongs within the elected echelons of the Nationalist Party. At this stage, given the level of divisiveness in the campaign we feel that it will be impossible for us to achieve the level of unity, engagement and positive energy we wanted in order to drive the Party’s agenda forward in our locality.

Each of us will continue with our individual work in support of the Nationalist Party outside the ambit of the Sectional Committee. We wish the successful candidates all the best throughout their upcoming tenure. There is plenty of work to be done.

Cassar Torregiani Patricia

Borg Carmel

Borg Emanuel

Borg Mark Anthony Calleja

Francis Saviour

Calleja Lorry

Debono Anthony

Galea Anthony

Pillow John

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