Pro Malta Christiana invites the public to recite the rosary on Sunday, 17 September, in front of Parliament.

By Ronald J. Knight

Unbridled freedom, wrong values, lack of common sense, and humility lead to society losing its stability and collapsing.

Last July, we saw a group of young children from the Maltese Summer School programme being dragged to Valletta to watch a drag queen show promoted by local LGBTQ activists, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, as part of this year’s Euro Pride events. All the children, as young as ten, were each given a rainbow flag to wave during this “show”. What “reason” was given for this show? To “educate” children so that from their tender years, they can feel comfortable choosing any gender from the LGBTQ portfolio that they would like when they reach the age of reason. 

Parents rightly object to their young children being exposed to drag queen “performances”. And rightly so, because when imitating the opposite sex, a person denies his natural sex and acts contrary to natural law. Accepting that men (or boys) present themselves as women is like accepting that God, author of human nature and, therefore, of male and female sexes, can be offended. The Bible’s Book of Deuteronomy clearly states: “A woman should not wear a man’s clothing, and a man should not use a woman’s clothing, because whoever does these things is abominable before God“. (Deut. Chapter 22: verse 5).

Even worse is that LGBTQ+ propaganda is being spread in Malta through school books at almost all levels.

 Faced with the threat of “gender indoctrination”, Pro Malta Christiana believes that prayer is the best antidote.

We have even reached the unheard-of and unprecedented dangerous situation that if anyone publicly defends the Christian concept of marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman, one can face imprisonment under this government’s so-called “hate speech” laws. Everyone knows the European Union is imposing this legislation on its member states.

Therefore, in the face of these threats against what is left of Christian Civilization in Malta, the Catholic lay entity Pro Malta Christiana will be reciting the Rosary in Valletta to ask for God’s forgiveness and protection against any nefarious agenda.

The Rosary Rally will occur on Sunday, 17 September, at 6.30 pm in Parliament Square, Valletta.

Pro Malta Christiana strongly believes that prayer is the best antidote against this threat of “gender indoctrination”.

2 thoughts on “Pro Malta Christiana invites the public to recite the rosary on Sunday, 17 September, in front of Parliament.

  1. I’m so sorry l got this blog a few seconds after Sunday 17 th. I pray the Rosary daily but l recommend to talk privately to the Clergy to exhort people to recitethe Rosary. In some churches it’s no longer emphasised at all. Well done however.

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