BNF Bank is fined for not observing money laundering regulations but the media hides the fact that one of the lawyers of BNF is Karol Aquilina

Newsbook reported that BNF Bank in Malta was hit by a fine for not observing anti-money laundering regulations. In simple words, this bank was fined for breaching anti-laundering laws.

However, this church media outlet did not report anything about who are the lawyers working for BNF Bank. One of the lawyers is no one else but Karol Aquilina, the Nationalist MP who waged campaigns against anti-money laundering in Malta. He was one of those who used his political powers and connections to destroy Pilatus Bank over money laundering claims.

One does not need to remind the readers of this blog that Karol Aquilina happens to be the brother of Robert Aquilina, the President of the Repubblichini association of Malta.

The Repubblichini were all out against Pilatus Bank for presumed or real money laundering charges. They organized public protests and made sure to destroy the operation of this bank.

One needs to remember that Karol Aquilina and his brother made a campaign against Adrian Delia and asked for his resignation from leader of the Nationalist Party because as a criminal lawyer, Delia assisted clients who had trouble with the law.

But then, the Repubblichini have no qualms that one of them is a lawyer of a bank who has been found guilty of money laundering. They do not organize protests against this bank as they did against the Pilatus Bank. They do not campaign for its closure or demand that its operations are investigated by the Accounts Committee of parliament.

It is crystal clear that if you are one of them, you have a right to be a lawyer of any bank in the world involved in money laundering and no one will ask for your resignation from parliament. The media of the church, together with the other local mainstream media, will make sure to cover your legal services to such a bank.

I am sure that if the lawyer was someone else, we would have had another story and a campaign would have been started how a lawyer, connected to Yorgen Fenech, was giving services to a bank slapped with charges of money laundering. This would have led to editorials and public protests by the Repubblichini demanding the resignation of the politician concerned.

What a bunch of hypocrites these Repubblichini are!

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