When Andrea Prudente and “her husband,” Jay Weeldreyer, arrived at the Gozo Hospital last June, the doctors and staff at the hospital were puzzled. She said she had haemorrhaged and was miscarrying days after arriving in Malta for a “babymoon.” She wanted an abortion and was against any attempts to salvage the pregnancy. “Her husband” was even more adamant than her, lashing out against anything that stood in the way of an abortion. What “babymoon” was this? Most Maltese had never heard of the word “babymoon.” After all, when a woman is pregnant in her late thirties, she would rather stay at home than travel half a world away to celebrate and jeopardize a birth that hasn’t yet materialized.

Weeks later, Andrea Prudente would describe on BBC Woman’s Hour how “I felt captive in this hospital room. I was getting needles all the time and tubes in my arm. It was terrifying.” She was getting the best of care in Malta by well-meaning doctors and nurses who were doing their utmost for mother and child, and she was writing off the needles and tubes in her arm as a terrifying violation. Imagine if they had gone in and scraped her uterine wall with a vacuum aspirator instead, in line with her demand. Better a curette instrument in her uterus, destroying her child in the process, she reasoned, instead of needles and tubes in her arm. The needles and tubes were “terrifying” for the supposed babymoon organizer.

Her trip, from half a world away, to tiny Gozo, while pregnant puzzled everyone. She was from the West coast of the United States, having to go across the full United States in the process. From liberal Seattle to Malta, it was about a 20-hour journey. She was aware she was inviting disaster. She may have even welcomed it. That’s why she bought the most expensive air insurance for medical evacuation that would fly not just her but also “her husband.” And not just them but also a surgeon on board.

This was well organised and they had some confederates who were on it.

This is why an isolated case in the Maltese wards suddenly took centre stage in Western media, complete with a troupe of actors, who claimed that “an American woman nearly died when she couldn’t get an abortion needed to save her life.” The Guardian ran the headline “’If you love or are a woman, don’t go to Malta,’ say couple in abortion drama.” Days after successfully seeking an abortion in Spain, Jay Weeldreyer would mourn his “first child” when speaking to the media.

The whole circus was surreal. The hangman became La Pieta, mourning his supposedly first child. Many Maltese couldn’t understand what was going around them, how two nincompoops from the state of Washington (not to be confused with Washington, DC) had brutally and wilfully endangered and aborted their child and blamed the Maltese for doing everything they could to help everyone.

In Malta, everybody knows everybody. But Jay Weeldreyer and Andrea Prudente, from a faraway land, who are they? I sat down to find out, digging up records and all I could get.

The first contradiction I found is that Jay Weeldreyer is not Andrea Prudente’s husband. He married once, and is still married, to Sarah Lynne Weeldreyer. However, since around mid-2018, they do not live in the same flat anymore, but they never divorced. A second contradiction is that all his talk about losing his “first child” in 2022 doesn’t add up. Jay and his wife, Sarah, had at least one child, a boy, as can be seen from this photo of the three of them taken in April 2012:

Third, as for his other child, in 2022, he didn’t lose it. He didn’t give the poor child a chance and showed nothing but disdain for anyone who did.

Jay has always built a façade around him, for example, pretending to be an expert in fundraising for new start-ups. In this video from 2011,, he starts with the words, “I love to shop.” Therefore, is his Malta story part of his love to shop around, meaning earning money through lawsuits? So much so that a year earlier he was in bankruptcy court. He lived a life stretching the limits, from driving while suspended (3rd) to bankruptcy. Short on money, he changed his address 12 times, moving in with his wife’s relatives several times, and renting for the rest, in and around Seattle.

His work record was just as spotty. Nothing lasted. His latest LinkedIn says in the bold headline that he is in “Philanthropy: Dedicated to Helping Frontline Workers and Children.” A bit strange to be in philanthropy, helping free frontline workers (like firemen, nurses, and police) and children, two different target markets. It turns out that about two years ago, he rented out a room in a commercial building, gave himself an impressive title, and started importing COVID masks from China. He joined other mask importers in donating some masks to frontline workers and children. How much each importer contributed, they didn’t say. But that is Jay, taking credit for a donation as if he lives for giving away donations.

On the other hand, Andrea Prudente describes herself as a headshot and dating photographer despite having attended two colleges. A YouTube page bearing her name is at,

where the mentioned personal interests are music and pot. In 2018, the year that Jay Weeldreyer’s wife walked out, Prudente moved into the same block as Jay, in Issaquah, a suburb of Seattle. She rented out her flat two floors below his. She didn’t last long there, and she now lives in another Seattle suburb, Sammamish. She is 39 and single.

The people who told the world that Malta was unliveable and dangerous to women, can’t even live under the same roof. And they seek for themselves, instead, a country ravaged by mass murders and hideous crimes. Like the Tanya Head case (, the vast geographic terrain lends itself to deceptions that are so extreme as to be believable even when the pieces don’t fit.

In 2009, Weeldryer, already back then a political activist, did a slide-share presentation that still survives on the internet at Most of the slides in it are redundant, but he said something that has proved to be prescient. Around slide #54, he wrote that if you “enable your activists, members, donors, and leadership” to act “at the right time… the government responds.” The sad thing is that it was the Government of Malta that responded to this American schemer.

I suspect that Jay came to Malta not as a husband or father, but to usher in an acolyte carrying the sacrificial lamb. An offer had been made for the taking. Ms. Prudente was never in danger of dying. This we know from the Maltese government’s lawyer in court, a few days ago. The Maltese medical staff’s hard work in saving the child was undermined by the evilness around them that had plotted the monumental event. Even a new law had already been written and waiting in the wings for the opportune moment. The Maltese gay laws and the abortion law originated from the same sources.

The Maltese have a history of a great rivalry between them, from football to feasts. But they also have the utmost respect for each other’s lives and livelihoods. Even when governments sought to punish employees of different political creeds, they would give them a transfer rather than fire them. There was something about the dignity of each person, limits that could not be trespassed. The Maltese are all members of the same tribe even if there are factions within it.

However, the sanctity of the human person changed when Daphne Caruana Galizia was blown to pieces. Her murder was plotted from high up. The country went restless. Justice had to be done.  Just before he resigned, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat made one final promise, quite out of place given the circumstances. He promised that he would now do his utmost to introduce abortion in Malta. If this sounded out of place, it’s because it wasn’t meant for the Maltese. It was meant instead for the American powers that were circling in with criminal evidence, primarily out of Massachusetts.

Health Minister Fearne had flown to Boston and given the best incentives possible to a healthcare organization, that had never ventured beyond the American shores, to buy the Maltese hospitals from what seemed to be a group of rag-tag entrepreneurs and rogue traders, with no experience in hospital management. The motley entrepreneurs who had bought the hospitals for peanuts couldn’t find a way to sell them as an ongoing enterprise. All along, their plan was to offload the hospitals, as fast as possible, to a big investor and with the millions earned pad the accounts of the Maltese politicians who had helped all along.

The second incident was the giving away of a banknote printing factory in Malta to a competing company in Massachusetts. The generous offer was made with one overriding condition. The company had to buy its printing supplies from the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, a businessman. With the incriminating evidence tightening around him and his inner circle, and the resignation unstoppable, Joseph offered to wipe out the unborn child as a sacrifice to placate the gods just as the early Maltese had done thousands of years ago with their children.

The gods this time were the American government. Under the current American administration, generosity and forgiveness know no bounds towards foreign governments who implement woke policies such as same-sex marriage, as Ukraine is now promising to do in return for billions of military hardware.

For Joseph Muscat, it’s the introduction of abortion in Malta that will wipe his slate clean in Washington, DC. It is our children, like poor Prudente Jr., who must pay the price through capital punishment in their mother’s womb. It’s the blood of the innocent for thirty pieces of silver.


  1. There’s one key argument which you not only conventienly omit but seem to suggest otherwise.

    Her life may not have been in danger ….YET. It was a just matter of what comes first. The foetus’ death? Or complications that threaten her health? There were no other possible scenarios.

    It was an unviable pregnancy. That’s a fact.

    Whoever Andrea and Jay are is irrelevant. Forcing a woman to go ahead with an unviable pregnancy is barbaric and misogynistic.

    Also, I have news for you. It is generally safe for pregnant women to travel before week 36 of pregnancy unless your health care provider suggests otherwise.

    1. The woman was not at risk of dying and medical protocol in a civilised country like Malta, demands that all possible means are used to save BOTH the mother and the child. Every pregnancy is a drama and every birth is even more so. The medical profession do their utmost to save the life of the mother and the offspring/s. The child is lost as a last resort.

  2. It was so much healthy both the mother and the baby that they managed to arrive in Spain. As a rule it is not viable pregnancy but at that stage when both the baby and the mother are still 100% strong we give them the chance ( in actual fact 1 out of about 50 survived in Malta together with the mother) and in Malta we are proud to have achieved zero maternal deaths in 12 years including about 50 cases similar to Prudente. With legal abortion clinics in the USA in these 12 years there were 108 registered deaths and about 25% of abortions had medical complications.
    From the court sentence removing abortion rights a lot of business has been lost in the states.

  3. I don’t normally agree with you on much, but this was perfectly spot on. Obviously, being that Malta is infested with gahans’, expect them to come and tell you that you’re only making this up because you’re against the government!! For anyone with at least two brain cells, this post explains everything in detail. Good write up

  4. There is an evil that has taken hold in this country. We are not well served by our leaders…one way or another. Shame!

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