The misuse of the flu vaccines.

By Marica Micallef

Because we hear otherwise daily, and we have learned such, it may be difficult to believe that sickness is not an external attack. Rather, it is something that builds up from within. The notion that we can “protect” ourselves from something by being given something externally has had numerous disastrous consequences, not the least of which is the misuse of vaccination.

Vaccination has become a profitable business. The misuse of vaccination is only part of what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy. We must recognise that we can have complete control over whether we become ill or not. We don’t only need to protect ourselves from illness; we need to avoid causing it which turns out to be quite easy, but which is not as profitable for Big Pharma and co.

Besides learning from others who have managed to go “off the grid”, we also need to unlearn what the sickness-for-profit industries has fostered in each one of us: that dependency on a thousand different unacknowledged ways.

We cannot ignore the fact that when we enter a de-facto contract with a business owner, such as a doctor, their business comes first. They may truly care about you, especially if they have been your GP or specialist for months or years, but some are more concerned with their business and the system that trained them which knows nothing about or cares about you or your health.

Let’s take a common cold as an example.

How many of you know that what is commonly called the flu is one of Nature’s most powerful methods of restoring health? Dr Herbert Shelton had written an entire article entitled “Influenza” in 1944 where he stated:

How much faith around the effectiveness of vaccines have we been asked to have by indoctrination and Big Pharma, which doesn’t care less about your health but more about its bank accounts?

How many of you have been taught and indoctrinated to think that in order for your body to be protected and heal, it needs medication and vaccines?

Physicians and patients rarely realise how much the treatment is responsible for increased and prolonged suffering and death. Physicians are unaware of their fallacy to ‘eat plenty of nourishing food to keep up your strength’… Delirium, spasm, peritonitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, heart trouble, sleeping sickness, etc are listed among the complications of influenza. These develop in those who are fed and drugged.

Whether the condition is severe cold, influenza, or pneumonia, the first thing is to stop eating. Absolutely no food, but water, should be allowed until the acute symptoms have subsided. No drugs of any kind should be resorted to.

Go to bed and rest. Keep warm. Rest, fasting, warmth – these are the needs. Have plenty of fresh air in your room. Under these conditions you may lie in bed and get well in a short time with no complications and no sequels.

You don’t need treatment. The fever, inflammation, coughing, etc constitute the healing process. Just get out of their way and permit them to complete their work. Don’t try to aid nature – she doesn’t need your puny aid – she only asks that you cease interfering.

So why the need for the yearly flu vaccine if you are young and healthy?

How many of you are aware that past vaccines contain ingredients which are censored by international health agencies which include “aluminium” which is linked to Alzheimer’s, “formaldehyde”, “thimerosal” which contains 49.6% of mercury which is linked to autism, among others, and “acetone” which is a solvent in nail polish remover. How many of you are aware that vaccines have other highly questionable chemicals?

So, these are toxins that are never to be consumed orally but which are still being injected directly into the body without your consent, because for consent to be valid, you have to be informed about all the benefits and potential harms of treatment.

So basically, Big Pharma mixes all these types of poisons, patents, and packages and claims that it can “cure” diseases. Instead, it is injecting people with poison, creating havoc in their bodies, because these chemicals do not belong to the body, to begin with, so putting them in there, will have its effects in one way or another. And thus we have diseases that, in some cases, appear years and years later after vaccination.

I will tackle more of this in future blogs.

To conclude, the below poster, from December 1892, shows the skepticism that some people had towards vaccines. It is symbolical that the vaccine is portrayed via the serpent, which incidentally is the pharmaceutical symbol nowadays.

12 thoughts on “The misuse of the flu vaccines.

    1. Nunca falta un ignorante , incauto adoctrinado y chupa medias de la medicina petroquímica , que verguenza es que la gente ignorante escriba , sin haber investigado nada.

    2. Oh, caramba!, me he tropezado con el Dios Gerada calificando las opiniones de otros, que por cierto, se sostienen en opiniones de expertos. Cuanto tiempo te falta, Dios Gerada, para sustituir al Dios Verdadero?

  1. Yes. Just think! In 1892 the doctors were not profit oriented, these doktors wanted to know the reason of an illness, wanted to cure. They knew, they have to look the whole body,soul, mind, not just one organ.They also use natural medicine. Do you really think, todays so called medicin work? “Medicin” does not cure you, but your immunsystem does.

  2. Cada cual tome sus decisiones, no es necesario faltar al respeto, yo me decanto más bien por esta postura, lo que no pondré nunca mi confianza es la industria farmacéutica y la mayoría de médicos y enfermeros. Les hablas de nutrición, de emociones, de holistica, de medicina cuántica, de vibración, campo electromagnético….. y no tienen ni idea, de microbiota…. solo entienden de bichos malos.
    Conmigo que no cuenten, ahora bien los que sigan confiando adelante, que se sigan vacunado con todos mis respetos, es el libre albedrio de cada cual.

    1. Concierto en que es dificil dejar pasar a alguien con una opinion contraria en las que lkes va la vida, por ejemplo, y no hacer nada para evitarlko, aun sabiendo, sobre todo sabiendo, que debemos ayudar a los demas sin animo de lucro. Me pregunto por que las personas a las que tratamos de persuadir de hallar la verdad en si mismos sin confiar demasiado en entidades con un perfil dudoso o que su practica sea insostenible porque existen evidencias que asi lo apuntan. Dejar que cada cual haga lo que su conciencia les dicte es una buena posicion para no buscarse problemas, porque si te opones concienzudmente y con respeto a la opinion del otro que actua en contra de si mismo, hallaras un problema y debes evitarlo…pero, debes evitarlo?…

  3. Totalmente de acuerdo con el artículo. Lástima que para algunos la única manera de refutarlo sea a través de insultos. Como bien dice roberto anaya moreno, cada cual que tome sus propias decisiones pero, al igual que él, conmigo que no cuenten.
    Respeto todas opiniones y formas de actuar, (siempre con educación) errar está dentro del comportamiento humano y rectificar también, aunque,en este caso, para miles de seres sea tarde

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