The Local Health Authorities need to give a clear message regarding the fourth dose

Blog post by Marica Micallef

In an article by on 5th January,[1] we read that when Profs Gauci was asked about the fourth dose that Israel is already administering to those over 60 and the vulnerable, she replied:

Rigward l-Iżrael li diġà beda jagħti r-raba’ doża, Gauci qalet li d-dinja għandha għajnjejha fuq dan il-pajjiż li sa mill-bidu tal-pandemija kienu minn ta’ quddiem fl-istudji tagħhom. Hija żiedet li pajjiżna qiegħed jimxi skont il-pariri tal-Aġenzija Ewropea tal-Mediċini (EMA).

[Regarding Israel that is already giving the fourth dose, Gauci said that the world is following this country, which since the beginning of the pandemic, was ahead in its studies. She added that our country is following the advice of the European Medicine Agency (EMA).

Three days later, the same media portal informs us that the chance that Malta will be administering the fourth dose will be very remote[2] and The Times of Malta tells us that “the fourth coronavirus vaccine is not on the cards” because “the health authorities have no plan to follow in Israel’s footsteps”.[3]

So, what happened to all those doses that Dr. Fearne had said Malta has in stock till 2023? Will they be sold to other countries, or will they be kept? Were they bought for nothing from the taxes of the people?

Why didn’t Profs Gauci rule it out in the first article published by, only to then be ruled out by the same Health Authorities? Why do their statements often disagree? Or is this just a pre-election promise, which won’t be kept once the election is over? Or is it just another marketing tactic to coerce the public to take the booster, making it think that this is the last push since Israel is currently giving the fourth dose to all those over 60 and health workers? Or is it by any chance that the fourth dose is being given to those whose boosters have expired, but the local health authorities are refraining to inform the public that once their third booster dose and certificate have expired, they will be coerced to take the fourth dose?

Since Profs Gauci, in the first article, has been reported saying that the whole world has been following Israel and any steps this country takes because it is ahead in its studies, so does this ruling out of the fourth dose, mean that Israel is doing more damage than harm or that it’s not a country to look up to anymore? So why was Malta looking up to it in the first place?  Will the rest of the world do so too, or will Malta be the only country to change direction? Will Israel be the only country to administer the fourth dose? Are countries dealing with the same type of virus, Malta included?

Finally, could this be a change of route to pump more money into the pockets of Big Pharma, since

Malta intends to purchase Pfizer’s new antiviral COVID-19 pill Paxlovid once it has been completely approved by the European Medicines Agency.

A spokesperson for the Health Ministry confirmed with Lovin Malta that the pill, which has been described as a “game-changer” in the fight against the virus, will be purchased through the EU Joint Procurement action group.?[4]

Doesn’t this imply that all those who took the vaccine or all those who will be tested for Covid, will have to now start buying this medication? Weren’t vaccines supposed to do this job? Does this mean that Covid is here to stay forever, on the contrary to the WHO forecast, which states that the corona pandemic will come to an end in 2022?[5]

What will be the side effects of this new medication?

Covid-19 is truly turning into a money-making machine for Big Pharma and those who are betting on its shares! For Big Pharma, there can never be any “cure” because it has never been interested in that! A cured patient means a lost customer and this is one of the many strands of this big web that the elite want you entangled in, forever.






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