Manuel Delia’s wife, Clemence Dujardin, replied.

I would like to thank Clemence Dujardin, wife of Manuel Delia, for sending the following right of reply which I am publishing in full. As usual, I have no problem publishing the right of reply to the questions which I ask on my site. Yesterday, I asked whether a property in Mqabba has been leased to Repubblika by Manuel Delia’s wife. The person who was a tenant of this property, Clemence Dujardin, sent the following reply. I have only one remark to make:

a) in my article, I never have stated that Clemence Dujardin rented property to Repubblika but asked whether she herself was renting this property to Repubblika or not. It is important that the correct verb is used when quoting what has been written in an article. This is being said for the sake of clarity and to avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

RIGHT OF REPLY by Ms. Clemence Dujardin

Pursuant to section 15 of the Media and Defamation Act (2018) you are hereby requested to publish this statement by right of reply to your post entitled ‘Is it true that Repubblika is paying Manuel Delia over 30K per year?’ published on August 26, 2021.

I, Clemence Dujardin, wife of Manuel Delia, in my personal capacity and as sole Shareholder and Director of MyAffiliates Limited declare that contrary to what you state in your post:

1.            Neither I, nor my company, own any property, least of all any offices currently occupied by Repubblika and therefore neither I, nor my company, receive or have ever received any form of payment whatsoever from Repubblika.

2.            In the past, MyAffiliates was a tenant of the office where Repubblika are currently tenants. I have voluntarily and without any form of compensation whatsoever voluntarily transferred my former tenancy to Repubblika when my business moved to new premises.

3.            At the time of the handover I donated without any form of compensation whatsoever the fixtures and furniture in the office to Repubblika.

In compliance with the law you are to publish this statement with equal prominence on your website without delay or I will have no choice but to pursue the matter further under the terms of the law.

Clemence Dujardin

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