Sylvana Debono, former media content manager at RTK-Newsbook, questions my credibility.

Someone is sharing my post with the Facebook group Il-Kotra. This group appears to be largely patronized by supporters of Bernard Grech. One of the posts shared was about Christian Peregin and the lucrative salary given to him by the Nationalist Party. Sylvana Debono was one of those who commented the following:

Usually, I try to avoid replying to such posts, but seeing that it is written by Sylvana Debono, who, until recently, was Newsbook’s media content manager, I cannot but reply. Ironically, she asserts that I am not credible for what I have posted about the golden salary given by the PN to Christian Peregin. But once again she has been proven wrong by history. Too bad.

For Sylvana Debono, credible information can only come from journalists she retains belong to the first tier. But what do these first-tier journalists do? They merely confine themselves to aping their own agenda. Is this the credibility blueprint? I can understand Sylvana Debono because I am attacking the group she belongs to and which is responsible for backing all that has brought ruin to the Nationalist Party.

Sylvana Debono should be reminded, however, that when years ago, I was writing for the Independent and I was criticizing the Labour administration, her new-found PN Messiah, Peregin, was reeling over in ecstasy of Labour. At the time, she considered my articles credible enough to the point that upon taking up her new post with Newsbook, she got in touch with me re contributing articles in English to that portal. Eventually, this offer did not go through which turned out a blessing in disguise.

In fact, today, I cannot stop thinking about Newsbook’s credibility. How is its credibility gauged? Is it based on audience?  Whatever the case, has Sylvana Debono not realized that thanks to her direction and guidance, Newsbook, in tandem with our Archbishop, is partly responsible for the Catholic Church losing her credibility in Malta to the extent that the voice of the Church has now become inconsequential? Surely, Debono cannot but be aware that each time that the Archbishop tries to pronounce himself on any issue, he would be heckled and called il-Bovril by Labourities together with a section of the Nationalists supporters. This is the reality in which Scicluna finds himself today. Such a scenario was not even remotely present in the 1960s because those who heckled Archbishop Michael Gonzi were in a minority back then!

How can Sylvana Debono account for such a situation today? Has she forgotten the appeals and comments from priests and friars lamenting that Newsbook had been turned into a political portal? Does Sylvana Debono honestly believe that Newsbook does not have a share of responsibility for the current mess including that of a church portal becoming so politicized that it only supports pseudo-liberal opportunists, abortion activists et al. whose agenda within the Nationalist Party also brought down Delia, and is now welcoming Christian Peregin into its stables with open arms?   

While I am one of those who have great admiration for the Church, I no longer support an institution that uses its resources and energy to destroy others. In my case, while you were at the helm of Newsbook, articles were published to destroy my credentials. But there again you failed.    

Finally, credentials and credibility are measured by those who can keep an open mind and understand the meaning of fair play not by the usual group that will carry on denigrating me and others; though I agree that this too is one of the many facets of human nature. Meanwhile spurred on by my readership, I will continue writing as long as it remains relevant for others to better understand the political dynamics at play in Malta 

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