Malta should follow the Great Barrington Declaration when applying Covid19 measures

Blog post Marica Micallef

The Great Barrington Declaration is a statement signed in Great Barrington, Massachusetts on the 4th of October 2020, written by three public health experts from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford. This statement was signed by 30,000 doctors and 10,000 medical experts. The statement addresses the management of the pandemic. It asks for a different approach. It also provides a balance between protection towards those more at risk and vulnerable, while minimizing the harm done on other sectors of society via the lockdowns.

The Declaration calls for those at lower risk to be allowed to resume their normal lives, with the opening of shops and schools for in-person teaching with the benefits of ongoing extra-curricular activities and sport. Socialising in bars and restaurants is to be allowed. It also advocates gatherings at sporting and cultural events. 

The Declaration is void of other measures like social distancing, masks, and contact tracing. Instead, it asks governments to adopt a more compassionate approach by implementing approaches to multi-generational households with a comprehensive and detailed list of measures, others than the ones currently being imposed.

This is based on the solid and balanced argument that in order to reach herd immunity while keeping the economy stable, instead of imposing lockdowns, WHO and governments are to allow those at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally while building natural immunity to the virus through natural infection.  In this way, they will be protecting those who are more vulnerable. This is what Dr. Stefano Montanari and his wife, Dr. Gatti, were advocating last Wednesday, in Simon Mercieca Jiddiskuti programme.

In the meantime, governments are to minimise staff rotation in hospitals and elderly homes, provide more home deliveries to retired people in their homes and allow them to meet family members outside. Once protection has been conferred upon them by those who have built up herd immunity, then everyone can restart enjoying their normal lives.

Why did our health authorities ignore this declaration and gave recommendations which are the opposite and harsher to those in this declaration?  When Dr Fearne was asked this question, the reply was that the declaration goes against WHO’s explanation about acquiring herd immunity. In truth, this is what has been suggested by Dr. Stefano Montanari and this is what is now taking place in America. A few days ago, a big baseball match took place in a stadium packed with supporters.

According to WHO, herd immunity will be acquired only by the vaccine. This is pure nonsense. It is unfortunate that Dr Fearne endorsed this statement, when he knows very well that the current vaccine is in experimental phase and there is no guarantee that once taken, the individual is immune to covid19. 

I wish to remind the reader that there were 40,000 medics who were against this type of vaccination. Does this mean that these 40,000 MEDICAL professionals are wrong? With the same reasoning, not all people have taken the flu jab and yet, Malta was not put in lockdown until everyone took the flu jab! Didn’t they say Covid is similar to the flu? Didn’t people die in the past from the flu, same like now with Covid? So what is the difference??

Why are WHO and governments ignoring this declaration? At least, they should try to meet the suggested measures halfway. The Maltese government should try to strike some kind of balance after our first victim from the vaccination.  Why do the authorities refuse to give weight to the counter-argument? These are being made by medical professionals and health scientists who are in disagreement with the proposed methods. Why are any medical professionals who try to speak up against Covid-19 or come up with a different solution, ignored if not silenced?

Why did our health authorities opt for lockdowns rather than the approach suggested by the declaration? Why wasn’t their concept of scientific herd immunity given importance? Why were vaccines the only solution, especially since these came with a hefty price? The money spent on vaccines could have been used for better services to the community. Finally, these vaccines are not a guarantee that a person who takes them, is immune to covid19!

Ron Paul once said that “When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies”. How apt is this statement for these times!

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