Why does the mainstream media support Jason Azzopardi?

In the last days, the main stories in the mainstream media were about Yorgen Fenech’s present to Rosianne Cutajar when she was an MP. Even the bishops’ media joined the fray and presented an exclusive story that Rosianne Cutajar wanted to bash Jason Azzopardi with her handbag after he had criticized Yorgen Fenech in Parliament.

What I find interesting here is that the mainstream media uses a different yardstick and gauge when it comes to assessing politicians and their sexual life. It should be remembered that after the media revealed that Jason Azzopardi had received gifts from the Fenech Group to go to Israel, no one clamoured for his resignation. He was supposedly suspended by the PN but there was no real suspension. None of the mainstream media discussed this point or questioned the Nationalist Party about the way it conducted its investigations on Jason Azzopardi.

All this goes to show that the agenda of the media is just a personal campaign and is in no way interested in the search of truth. It is about time that the mainstream media stops being selective in the way it discusses extra-marital affairs and demands resignations.

One thought on “Why does the mainstream media support Jason Azzopardi?

  1. Why does the mainstream media NOT support ME ? THANK FOR YOUR VIEW … PLS NO politics opinion involvement including your good faith LEO SAID (FACEBOOK PORFIL)

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