Richard Cachia Caruana Dethroned

Richard Cachia Caruana has been dethroned. The Cardinal has been caught doing what he does best; mock people, humiliate others, belittle those around him and treating them all as subordinates. His superiority has always shone behind the scenes. He has always shied away from confrontation. As a result of his arrogance and predominance, this is the man who has shown many the door. 

Dr Austin Gatt might recall such arrogance from Richard Cachia Caruana in 1987. Dr Gatt was one of the few who stood up to him. Thanks to One News, the Cardinal has been taken by surprise. He has been caught in a vulnerable situation. This footage has confirmed what everyone knew. It has given us the possibility to lip read what he was saying! It has also given us the opportunity to hear his voice. This is a rare occasion because, as already stated, he stabs individuals behind their backs. He doesn’t have the courage to come out into the open. With this footage, all Malta knows who Richard Cachia Caruana is.

Before the 1987 election, Richard Cachia Caruana walked supreme, as Dr Louis Galea can confirm. Richard took over Castille immediately after that year’s election and never looked back. He was the man behind Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, Dr Lawrence Gonzi and Dr Simon Busuttil and now he is behind Dr Bernard Grech. Richard Cachia Caruana immediately made it clear that Dr Adrian Delia was not welcome in his books. Dr Delia was not the anointed one this time round. Yet Dr Delia managed to move on against the establishment’s wishes. Richard Cachia Caruana didn’t take this sitting down. His brains went into overdrive to plan revenge.

Dr Delia was trampled on from day one. What else could Dr Delia have expected from a man who spent his life spinning and regurgitating the Nationalist Party. How dare Dr Delia  expect no backlash when he succeeded putting the Cardinal to shame?

For Richard Cachia Caruana, it was totally unacceptable to witness Dr Delia win a democratic election. Winning for Cachia Caruana and watching Dr Delia winning a democratic election according to the rules dictated by Dr Simon Busuttil was too much. How dare Dr Delia win against the Cardinal’s favourite? How dare Dr Delia want to introduce new ways without the Cardinal’s consent?

For Richard Cachia Caruana to be left out of the running of the Party was heresy. How could the Cardinal ever accept to be sidelined? As anticipated, ‘Cardinal’ Richard took this to heart in the way he swore vengeance.

In truth, Richard Cachia Caruana is a hopeless orator and has an inferiority complex that has kept him out of the limelight over the years. Yesterday, admittedly to his dismay, he was caught red-handed saying things that should have remained between the four walls of an office and not spoken in a coffee area which offered political adversaries a golden opportunity to record. Lest we forget he was not having a tête-à-tête with a passer-by. He was having a one-to-one with Mr Ray Bezzina, the current opposition leader’s right-hand man. What we witnessed, thanks to One News, was a one way conversation which showed up Richard Cachia Caruana for what he does best. He was having a showdown with Bezzina who was looking very uncomfortable and on edge. Richard Cachia Caruana was giving orders and calling whoever disagrees ‘you are mad’.

Bernard Grech beware. What we have seen doesn’t look good. If Manuel Delia told you that you are easily replaced, Richard Cachia Caruana has told Bezzina to pass on to you a very clear message; if you do not conform with what Richard Cachia Caruana dictates, you could well find yourself out in the cold.

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