‘Spoiled Children Of Human History’

Watch this clip from New York City. Beware if you’re watching it at work — a few F-bombs dropped:

I’m not saying that there should be violence. In fact, I’m saying there should not be. But if anybody needs his face slapped, it’s that fatmouthing punk.

Such a powerful symbolic moment is caught in that short clip. It clarifies. This leftist loony shrieking curses at the police, telling a black cop that he’s a “traitor” to his race. Mocking the police for not being educated. Boy oh boy, the mask falls, doesn’t it?

Here’s a conversation I liked:


“Screaming fits of aristocratic hysteria.” Great phrase. Came to mind when I saw this TikTok of a Harvard graduate who says she will stab anyone who says “All Lives Matter” and watch them “bleed out.”

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