How can we explain the excess deaths in Malta? It is time for a public inquiry into the Covid Pandemic measures.

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Since March 2020, there has been an alarmingly consistent phenomena of positive excess deaths (source Eurostat). According to a report released by World Health Organisation (WHO) excess deaths in the period 2020-2021 were 2.75 times the level of Covid deaths. The Covid death figures are published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) as Weekly Number of New Reported Covid Cases and Deaths Worldwide.

The British and Irish parliaments have discussed the matter in the past month, and Public Inquiry being conducted in many countries around the world, but here in Malta, where you would expect concepts of ‘health’ and ‘care’ to be at the core of a nation settled by The Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St John, the authorities have been eerily quiet and this phenomenon remains unexplained.

The graph shows the excess mortality (calculated as total deaths versus expected number of deaths) expressed as a percentage throughout the period of the pandemic, from March 2020 through August 2023, sourced from Eurostat & ECDC, as per the abovelinks. 

Not only is there a consistent pattern of positive excess deaths, but the cumulative level of excess deaths over the period remains in the +16 to +20% range consistently from November 2020 until August 2023. In July 2023, the excess deaths were 54% over the estimated deaths for the month, or 143 additional deaths over the estimated deaths for the month.  

In considering the matter of excess deaths it is natural that there would be fluctuations, both positive and negative, as the very existence of a positive result implies that more peoplehad succumbed, sooner that had been expected. 

Given a person cannot succumb twice, for the pattern of positive results to have been repeated 41 times in the past 42 months would suggest that there has been a fundamental change to the nation’s health when compared to the reference period of 2015-2019 (pre Covid), which is used to estimate expected deaths per month.

Equally a negative result implies that fewer people had succumbed, however almost certainly a time will come when those people will be included in the statistics and all else being equal, this will likely lead to a positive level of excess deaths at some point in the future.

Malta is not alone in experiencing this phenom, but there is no sign of it being addressed by the authorities, or an inquiry into its cause, or even acknowledgment of its existence!

This graph covers the period from March 2020 to August 2023.

3 thoughts on “How can we explain the excess deaths in Malta? It is time for a public inquiry into the Covid Pandemic measures.

  1. What is most baffling is WHY arent these statistics made public on our islands ?
    We all need to ask ourselves, what may be the reason behind this sudden surge of deaths we are seeing, in particular amongst our young to early middle-age (the majority of which being perfectly healthy before their sudden passing away ) ?

    Ask yourself, what is the common factor in these deaths ?

    Could it be related to the Covid jabs that have been given to the majority of our population ?

    Doctors worldwide have conclusively shown that these mRNA jabs may cause myocarditis, pericarditis and thrombotic effects (blood clots) – these being the predominant causes to the deaths we are seeing in our young globally.

    High time Malta has a public Covid Inquiry. These Public enquiries are being carried out in numerous countries overseas.

    What I ask, is stopping this happening here ?

  2. It should be very obvious to many in our beautiful Islands that something is seriously wrong here and that the truth about the “pandemic” and the “covid vaccine” which is not a vaccine, but an experimental gene therapy, has been intentionally hidden from us. We should be asking the following questions from our Politicians and Health care providers in the Maltese Islands.
    1. Why don’t we have a vaccine compensation scheme?
    2. Why are freedom of information requests being denied?
    3. Why has an independent inquiry not been set up.
    4. Why were we denied alternative treatments for the coronavirus?
    5. Why was Remdesivir used in our hospitals when it is known to cause kidney failure and death in large numbers?
    We as a nation are being led into the next pandemic, which they have already told us is a certainty and if we do not reject the amendments being proposed by the WHO (World Health Organisation) we are going to find ourselves in a position where an unelected organisation will take precedence over our inalienable human rights and even our Constitution.

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