Claire Pierson advised the Maltese Pro-Abortion Activists to start supporting the ADPD Party and Sandra Gauci for the next MEPs elections.

The Maltese abortion lobby asked Claire Pierson, an Irish Pro-Abortion activist and researcher at Liverpool University, to chart their future programme and actions so that Malta will introduce abortion by 2027. Pierson is a known face among the local activities as she was brought over in the past to lecture at the Faculty of Social Wellbeing. She happened to be in Malta as part of the Europride activities and took the opportunity to hold a workshop on introducing abortion in Malta. This site has a photo of the timeframe that was worked on and discussed during this workshop.

Pierson went on to chart what had happened till now, the current situation, and what their future actions should be. In her opinion, the actions had to be divided into past, present and future. As expected, there was a reference to the Prudente saga in this workshop. The way Prudente’s saga was presented is another confirmation that her story was a “coincidence” of several facts that by sheer coincidence all have happened in a very well-set plan and timeframe to be used by the pro-abortion lobby for the introduction of abortion and in the meantime, Prudente and her supposed husband will make a buck on the back of the Maltese taxpayers.

This is how the neo-colonialism, that Pierson is now pushing, works. The indigenous or natives, as her co-patriots called us in the 19th century, will be made to pay for their policies and neo-colonial impositions. Pierson also spoke about the formation of a group called Catholics Pro-Choice. This group was formed in 2019, and from this talk, it is clear that its members are a Troyan horse to help the abortionists with their project. In other words, they are using the same methods that were used to introduce divorce in Malta. Rest assured that individuals close to Archbishop Scicluna and Fr. Joe Borg will be among the Catholics For Choice. Fr. Joe Borg has just written a piece about the importance of NGOs in the Sunday Times. The Catholics Pro-Choice will be a sort of NGO, and rest assured, Lara Dimitrijevic will tell us that all this is just a coincidence.

Then, all their energy will be focused on the MEP Cyrus Engerer and the ADPD’s candidates. They are the future MEPs in the pocket of the pro-abortion lobby in Malta. They will also try to lobby for the gay vote. But given what has just happened, despite all the money that the government has spent on the gay parade and other events at the expense of investing in health and education, people are starting to react negatively towards the Labour Government, as has been confirmed by the survey carried out by the Malta Independent.

The Abortion Lobby knows the members do not have the majority of the Maltese behind them. Thus, they are focusing on ADPD candidates and Cyrus Engerer. They think that the disgruntled feelings against the big parties may give them a chance to elect Sandra Gauci, and she will be the woman Lara Dimitrijevic and her allies will be putting all their hopes in. This aligns with Claire Pierson’s advice in this workshop, as shown in the images below. In other words, she hints that they should abandon the Labour Party if they want abortion legalized and focus on Cyrus Engerer, whose partner is the Labour Party’s CEO and Sandra Gauci.

One thought on “Claire Pierson advised the Maltese Pro-Abortion Activists to start supporting the ADPD Party and Sandra Gauci for the next MEPs elections.

  1. Legalising abortion demonstrates a lack of compassion towards women and their babies. We must as good people protect the mother (and father) and the child.
    The law is there to protect us.
    The pain, sorrow and guilt involved can be crippling for the mother after an abortion. The baby must have the right to live and society must care for pregnant mothers.
    We can not fight against innocence with violence.

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