Our political class, the illiterate media and the climate zealots need to watch this presentation

By Romegas

I have always found it extremely difficult to convince brainwashed climate zealots why even if their hypothesis were to be true – that is that human-induced climate change was indeed a reality, the solutions that they subscribe to – the so-called transition to renewables would not only be futile in terms of limiting the output of CO2 but will ultimately impoverish all of us in the process.

It does not help – that most people, particularly those in power lack even a rudimentary knowledge of science or mathematics. It is even worse when the media which is supposed to correct the delusional group think with corrective impartial and factual analysis not only abandons its role but actively becomes the prime cheer leader and pied piper.

Consequentially we are ever more divorced from reality. We substitute fact with delusions – we have no idea of equations – we think that electric vehicles or wind turbines are ‘emissions free’ or provide ‘free energy’ – because we never think about such things as resources, the energy and pollution needed to mine for them, the capital and opportunity costs in producing them coupled with their operational costs and efficiency and lifespan. These are all parameters of a single equation – so one needs to work out the entire equation before comparing like with like.

It is a fact that our prime minister and leader of the opposition were never the brightest bulbs in their classrooms – as their classmates can easily testify – and it is perhaps why both eventually took up law – which requires a lot of memorisation but little if any in cognitive or analytical ability. The same can be said for the majority of our political class – who spend an inordinate and unhealthy amount of time in party clubs and listening to their own ill-informed opinions rather than educating themselves.

When I say, that our leaders are incompetent – I don’t mean it as an insult – I state it as a matter of fact.

Anyway, I finally came across a presentation whereby hopefully even Robert Abela and Bernard Grech can comprehend the implications of what they are promoting and where they are sinking our hard-earned taxes into –  I have no hope for the Greens, they are beyond salvation just as are the scientifically illiterate parrots at the Times of Malta or Malta Today..

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