By Romegas

A full thirteen days after the fires that devastated Hawaii with large loss of life started, President Joe Biden finally assented to break his latest vacation at a billionaire’s mansion in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and visit the Islands.

According to Whitehouse press staff, the purpose of the visit was for the President to assess the damage himself and offer support to the inhabitants. It is unclear, how Biden, who increasingly finds great difficulty telling whether he is even awake or indeed living on this planet is going to assess anything.

However, his belated presence has not gone down well with most locals – videos making the rounds on social media show disgruntled people booing and flipping the President as he rode by in his environmentally conscious 30-car motorcade. Disgruntled residents jeered him, yelling, “Thanks for nothing!” and “Go home, Joe!” amid other less-than-flattering salutations.

Biden later addressed a gathering at the Lahaina Civic Center, where he drew a parallel between the deadly inferno, which has reportedly claimed more than 480 lives, and the near-loss of his beloved ’67 Corvette as the result of a kitchen fire:

After giving his speech of ‘support’ he promptly sat down and nonchalantly fell asleep.

Residents were less than impressed with his ‘support’ – one resident stated that Biden’s comparison was “the most despicable thing this president has ever said,” adding, “How do you compare almost losing your f****** Corvette to the children burned in their f****** homes, man?”

Others, more charitable ones, simply labeled him an idiot when asked for their opinion.

Spirits must have surely risen when they heard that government support to those who lost their homes and loved ones would amount to a grand total of a $700 one-time payment.

Spirits must have surely risen further when they learned in the same week their government announced it would be giving a further $4 billion in aid to Ukraine taking the total to around $140 billion thus far. Perhaps Hawaiians should change the name of Maui to Kiev. That should get them noticed.

Spirits must surely have gone through the roof when residents further learned that:

Hawaiian Electric planned to spend nearly $200 million on fire fighting measures, but spent only $245,000 as the company focused on meeting the government’s commitment to switch to renewable energy.”

Once again we see how insidious the climate net-zero dogma is. And once again we see, despite the media narrative, how little if anything the holocaust in Hawaii has to do with so-called ‘global warming’. Just like the wildfires elsewhere, namely in Greece, France and Tenerife, the fires are universally mostly due to the change of land use, a change in fire-fighting techniques as well as incompetence and corruption.

Our media is no longer simply a nuisance, it has become a clear and present danger whereby its false narratives not only cover up for incompetence and corruption but graver still, prevents governments and communities from identifying real threats and addressing them on their own merits.

Besides outright nuclear war and transgender ideology, I fail to see a greater threat to human prosperity and well-being than the Green climate cultists.


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