Latin American countries forced the EU to withdraw Zelensky’s invitation to summit.

By Romegas

The leaders of 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean forced the EU to cancel the invitation to Vladimir Zelensky to the EU-Latin America summit, which will be held in Brussels on July 17-18, moreover, they struck out from the draft final declaration of the summit prepared by the EU Foreign Service “all items related to support Ukraine”.

This was announced by the Brussels portal EURACTIV, which cited diplomatic sources.

Before the summit, the Latin American leaders sent a counterproposal to the draft text of the final declaration on 21 pages, which the EU sent to them on July 4, the portal notes. According to the news site, Latin American leaders “removed everything related to Ukraine.”

In fact, the EU’s insistence on support for Ukraine was viewed by most Latin American governments as an “irritant”

Zelensky had already received an invitation from the Spanish EU Council Presidency, but it “had to be canceled after objections from Latin American leaders,”

According to four diplomatic sources of the news portal, now the draft final document will be discussed by the ambassadors of the EU countries, who will wage an “intense struggle” to “save the text.” According to EURACTIVE, there is a risk that the summit will not be able to adopt the final document.

Earlier, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen promised to work with all countries of the world, without exception, to demand that they express “a clear position on the Russian war in Ukraine and the rise of China.”

The arrogance of these people knows no bounds, they expect the rest of the world to march in lockstep to their agenda.

They’re mistaken – Most of the countries beyond NATO and the EU, representing the vast majority of people on earth, do not view the world from the same lenses of the Western elite – and have had enough of being lectured by them on ‘democracy’ or ‘human rights’. If anything they are disgusted by the hypocrisy and the attempts of ideological colonization and are therefore quite content that Russia stood up to face the hegemon and look forward to a new multi-polar world.

The number of countries lining up to join BRICS is a testament to that.

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