Yesterday Lovin Malta sent one of their abortion activists in front of parliament to lament that no one from the pro-Choice was present.

Yesterday, Lovin Malta committed what can be described as a Hari Kari in journalism. About seven hours before parliament met to vote for the introduction of abortion in Malta unanimously, Lovin Malta was writing articles instigating Pro-Choice activities to conglomerate in front of parliament to protest against the amended law because it did not fulfill the expectations of progressive women in Malta. This article in Lovin Malta’s site came after three days of propaganda favouring abortion.

Nevertheless, to the chagrin of Lovin Malta, no one from the Pro-Choice turned up in front of parliament to protest. While parliament was convening to debate or, better, unanimously approve the abortion bill, Lovin Malta sent one of their reporters for a live report in front of parliament. Unfortunately, to the journalist’s biggest disarray, no one was protesting. No one gave a shit to what was taking place in parliament. Even the ring leaders were not in Malta. They were enjoying a holiday abroad, enjoying the fruits of their conquest.

Instead of having serious journalists asking why the ring leaders in favour of the introduction of abortion in Malta were not in Malta, the mainstream media today started a campaign of damage control. The Times is reinventing the false narrative dished by Andrea Prudente, who lied to the Maltese public that she was having a baby with her husband Jahy Weeldreyer when they were not even married. The Times should explain why Andrea Prudente travelled thousands of kilometres when she was already seeing blood! However, Andrea Prudente is part of the progressive women, which the exact Times strongly supports. Amnesty International also issued a statement saying that this law is not safe. I do not understand what Amnesty International has to do with statements about abortion.

Now, the lies of the mainstream media are becoming visible. Thank God people are no longer gullible to the lies that are dished out by The Times of Malta. This is the reason why there was nobody in front of parliament protesting against the government. Even the Pro-Choice does not believe them.

Protestors in Malta need cult and narcissistic leaders who are in cahoots with our progressive journalists to push forward the abortion agenda. As the leaders were not in Malta, there was no reason to protest in front of the parliament. However, now, there is a need to convince the public that this is not an abortion law so that these progressives can save their face.

In the case of Lovin Malta, the abortion law was covered by Sam Vassallo. She is in cahoots with Lara Dimitrijevic, who, as reported by this site, is not currently in Malta. Vassallo pushes Dimitrijevic’s agenda. If one needs proof, she is part of a group that are pushing Lara Dimitrijevic’s agenda. A friend of Sam Vassallo, who shares her ideas is Emily Galea. Galea took part in the compilation of a report on Femicide in Malta. This report was done to force the government to make changes in legislation. The government made the changes and is now facing a constitutional case. I am sure that such a report was against payment. Thanks to this report, let’s hope they did not empower themselves financially. There is no need to say that Sam Vassallo prides herself on being part of the Progressive Movement. She has a right to be part of a progressive group and support the introduction of abortion. However, as a journalist, she must clarify her position. It is more than clear that she is more interested in spreading propaganda than giving out chronicles. In other words, it is a case of a journalist pushing the narrative she wants.

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