The Prime Minister confirms that these amendments are opening the way for more legislation in favour of abortion.

The Maltese society of the promotion of Christian culture and religion in Malta, Pro Malta Christiana issued a press release to state that pro-life movements in Malta should not be celebrating the proposed amendments by the government. The Maltese society Pro Malta Christiana insists that these amendments are pro-abortion. The PRO of this association, Karmenu Borg, told this website that the Prime Minister’s declaration to the press that he is still open to the introduction of further amendments in favour of abortion confirms how correct his association is in stating that all those against abortion had nothing to celebrate with the proposed government amendments.

The PRO of the Maltese Society for Christian Civilization reiterated that given the Prime Minister’s declaration, the pro-life movements in Malta fell into the trap laid by the Government through the proposed amendments to bill number 28. This bill is a prelude to introducing more measures that will facilitate abortion in Malta.

The PRO of this society insisted that the government’s new amendments would facilitate abortion. The associations favouring abortion made a fuss only to hide their victory and objectives to achieve more. Prime Minister Abela is more than ready to accommodate them.

The truth is that these amendments did not only leave a window open for introducing abortion but opened a whole door. Now abortion is permissible in case of “mental health” or “complications” that doctors would declare could lead to the mother’s death. Why did mental health become a valid condition that can lead to abortion and killing a child? Under these new proposals, why is there a correlation between “mental health” and ” a complication”?

Therefore, with these amendments, abortion is being allowed if, in the opinion of a doctor who will perform the medical intervention, the baby has not yet reached a period of so-called “viability” and, therefore, can be aborted. The definition given by the Government about what is understood as a “viability period” is vague. The Government defined viability as the point in the pregnancy where the baby can live outside the mother’s womb according to “current medical practices”.

Why was this clause introduced that can potentially exclude a baby from being helped to live outside the womb artificially? Could these new legislative proposals lead to abortion in those cases where the current medical practices do not recognize specific artificial means of life support for a newborn baby even though these practices can save the baby?

Therefore, these amendments are opening up an alternative scenario where abortion is permissible in a case where in the opinion of a doctor or a medical team made up of three medical practitioners (two of whom being either gynecologists or obstetricians), the baby has not yet reached the period of “viability” and cannot be born according to the current standards of the medical profession.

Why are there two alternative scenarios where one or three doctors can decide the future of a child with apparently equal standing? Why can a single doctor decide the fate of a baby under the new proposals? Why is the alternative scenario of a team of three doctors only an alternative to the first scenario? Who decides which scenario to apply for a decision on the baby’s fate, that of a single doctor or three doctors? If one or two doctors from a team of three oppose the medical intervention that leads to abortion, will abortion still occur under these new legal proposals?

The biggest scandal is that specific organizations that are supposed to be in favour of life have already stated publicly that the present law already guarantees the mother’s health in these particular situations. However, they saw fit to propose legal amendments to the existing law, which they claimed were unnecessary. In light of their statement, the Prime Minister immediately took the opportunity to state that he is open to abortion. Now, what are they going to do? They have endorsed the Prim Minister’s amendments.

As an association of Catholic inspiration, Pro Malta Christiana maintains that because of the government’s new proposals, abortion will be made easier because the penalties that were a deterrent have been removed. A window has been opened as to who and where abortion can take place. Therefore, as a nation, we have now embarked upon a process of normalizing the practice of a heinous crime through which the lives of the innocent will be lost. The Prime Minister’s declaration confirms this.

At this critical juncture, Pro Malta Christiana appeals to the pro-life associations to desist from further giving the false impression that a victory for Life has been achieved but understand that these new amendments must be resisted with all their might.

2 thoughts on “The Prime Minister confirms that these amendments are opening the way for more legislation in favour of abortion.

  1. il Priministru qal li diskussjoni pubblika u bis sens ghandha ssir u taghti cans li jinstemu vucijiet differenti B’daqshekk ma qalx li hemm lok al abort. allura issa wara LI KULHADD IGGIELED AL FREE SPEECH TRIDU TALQU HALQ KULHADD. mela vera kollox timanipulaw kollox kif jaqbel lilkom.

    1. Mux bis kollox kif jaqbel lilohom imma ukol bil qerq sfaccat. If such things are not decided upon by the professionals involved by whome should they be decided upon. Ma nghamlux mod li they should be decided upon by these non imprignable ghambaqr hux.

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