A former high-rank Freemason, attorney John Salza exposes the incompatibility of being a Catholic in America and Freemasonry.

By Marica Micallef

Former High rank Freemason turned traditional Catholic, Attorney John Salza, also an author of articles and books, and involved in Catholic Apologetics, a researcher and a speaker of various Catholic topics, has exposed the evils of Freemasonry and reveals that they are the church of Satan. He adds that they are the greatest enemy of the church and the whole of society. In this first piece of many series, he explains how Freemasonry has worked to subvert the Church and to destroy it as well as their impact on the whole Christian social order:

“I’m going to speak to you today about the errors of Freemasonry, and the connection between Freemasonry, Our Lady and the message of Fatima. As we know masonry is an enemy of the church and as we’ll learn today, Our Lady has warned us for many centuries that freemasonry would penetrate the church, would corrupt the hierarchy, and lead souls to damnation. In this presentation, I’m going to first talk about some very important historical points that connect masonry with Our Lady. I’m then going to talk about Masonic ritual and finally conclude with the effect that Freemasonry has had on the Catholic Church. So, why am I qualified to talk about this?

Well, as John has indicated, although I am a cradle Catholic, a lifelong Catholic, I also became a Freemason. Out of law school I was solicited to join Freemasonry by many Catholic men and that’s very common in America. It was presented to me as simply a social club, an organization that would help me develop business contacts. And I was under the impression that American freemasonry differed from European freemasonry and that’s how it was explained to me. In fact, seeking some council from parish priests, they said the same thing. And so, I didn’t feel the need to investigate it any further and in this period in my life, I became a master mason, a 32nd degree mason, a member of the Shriners. I was a member of two Masonic lodges. I served as principal officer in one of those lodges. I was about to be elected worshipful master before I left and I received a very rare credential called the proficiency card which authorised me to instruct other masons in Masonic ritual. It literally requires a man to have committed to memory all of the rituals of Blue Lodge Freemasonry, all of the positions. And that’s what I could do. So, I know what Freemasonry teaches because I taught it myself.

As I said, masonry in America is not deemed to be harmful. It seems to be simply a social organization and I’ve often asked myself why is that? Why is it perceived differently in Europe? And the reason is that America was never a Catholic country to begin with. America was founded by freemasons. And the ideology of freemasonry is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. For example, the Establishment Clause where the government won’t respect any religion. That’s a denial of the social kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ; the Free Exercise Clause which gives man a right to practise any religion. Again, contrary to the catholic faith. And so, America lives the religion of freemasonry. That’s why masonry is not deemed to be a threat. And it was in fact the United States Supreme Court Justices who created the doctrine of seperation of church and state in the United States, under presidents Roosevelt, Truman Eisenhower, all of whom were Freemasons they appointed and collectively 12 Supreme Court Justices all of whom were masons and from 1941 to 1971, masons dominated the Supreme Court. And through those judicial decisions, they created the masonic doctrine of seperation of church and state.

Now Catholics of course should know better because there have been very infrequent condemnations of some other errors but not as many as Freemasonry. In my research, I’ve discovered 12 popes issuing no less than 23 separate condemnations on Freemasonry and these teachings are considered part of the ordinary and universal magistracy theory of the Church. They’re binding on the souls of all Catholics. The Church has always been very clear about the Church’s position on masonry.”

10 thoughts on “A former high-rank Freemason, attorney John Salza exposes the incompatibility of being a Catholic in America and Freemasonry.

  1. High ranking mason my left foot. By his own admission, he spent 3 years as a freemason, which means that the maximum rank he achieved was 2nd degree, if that much. For goodness’ sakes, do your research properly. People are touting this guy as being a 32nd or even a 33rd degree mason. Excuse me while i die laughing.

    1. Excuse me – where you there with him? Are you a freemason so you can explain better? Did you hear his full speech which proves so? Did you hear what he says? After all, he became an acclaimed speaker about it and the details he gives, even about the initiation rituals, are correct which shows that he has gone through various processes. And excuse me, how many years do you need for a freemason to speak up? What people are touting is not something I give attention to. What I give attention to is the fact that this guy had the courage to leave and God bless him, he is speaking out because he knows what is going on. Now Mr Hutchinson, since the world is in a mess, can you explain why it has got to this stage and who are the culprits? Or are you one of those that thinks that freemasonry is so good, so much so that the members act secretly? If they have nothing to hide, secret societies must truly tell us what they speak about when they meet, rather than putting up a front that they are well-meaning.

      I give you an advice…He owns a website where he uploads very good articles. Why don’t you contact him?

    2. Also, one last thing – degrees vary in freemasonry. For example, the Scottish Rite has 33 degrees. The standard, widely accepted Masonic rite has three degrees. They are Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and the highest rank that anyone can earn, Master Mason. John Salza said he was about to be elected to ‘worshipful master’ before he left – ‘worshipful master’ means ‘master mason’. Do you need more proof?

      1. In his reply to someone else, he himself stated that he studied for ten years, and was a freemason for three. In three years, it isn’t possible to become a master mason, let alone worshipful master. His story just doesn’t make sense. And yes, I am a freemason, a past master of my lodge, and a member of my chapter. I’m sorry, it just isn’t possible to do all he said he did in that short period of time he said he was a freemason. I will delve deeper in his history, but from what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t ring true, or has been embellished to give his statements more authority.

        His words, not mine responding to a review of his writings – “He says that I lack “experience” in Freemasonry (even though I have studied Masonry for ten years; was a Mason for three years;”


          1. Apologies for this mistake regarding principal officers in a lodge, because of course there are principal officers, namely the WM, the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden, it must be me writing before my second coffee. He might ostensibly have been one of the principal officers in the lodge, ie possibly after having become a master mason, which I highly doubt, given that in three years he might have JUST made it to the 3rd degree, and possibly being elected to an assistant officer of his lodge, by natural progression, ie Junior or senior deacon, but certainly not a principal officer, unless his lodge was in such dire straits that they had no officers to fill each chair.
            I however find it highly improbable that in three years, he was initiated, was passed to the second degree, raised to the 3rd, and became a principal officer (having skipped junior and senior deacon), unless he went through the three degrees very very quickly, which means that he didn’t even have time to absorb each ceremony, let alone understand each degree.

  2. On yet another note, there is no great deal about leaving freemasonry. Just resign in open lodge, or inform your lodge secretary in writing, and off you go!

    1. Thank you for confirming that you are Brian Hutchinson of Stockton Freemasonry. I asked you just to check and have a confirmation. You can always contact Dr Salza who is a very honourable man and highly knowledgeable about everything he researches. From my end, I will keep on writing about freemasonry, from my well-searched research, and do the trigger, so to produce a shift in the paradigm. The first question I always ask is why is it that when one exposes freemasonry, there is an immediate character assassination whenever anyone does the true research about freemasonry?

      1. May I suggest that you read the articles on this very website about viewing freemasonry objectively? I honestly don’t know who the writer is, but he’s definitely a knowledgeable mason with years of experience.

        It’s not character assassination, it’s just an aversion to exaggerators and I’m sorry, Mr Salza is such a person. I wish him all the luck with his writings and increasing the size of his bank account. I’ll stick to my perambulations………

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