Lara Dimitrijevic’s son, Ivan, is behind Karlstennienibarra and Bis-Serjeta’s Facebook pages and websites: these sites sought to demonise Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers and Pastor Gordon Manche.

Ivan Dimitrijevic, the son of Lara and Aleksander Dimitrijevic, is the individual behind two online satirical Facebook pages, Karlstennienibarra and Bis-Serjeta’. Ivan Dimtrijevic, who also happens to be the grandson of the retired judge, Philip Sciberras, had first established the Karlstennienibarra page. Eventually, this project was dropped in favour of forming a website and a Facebook page named Bis-Serjeta’. This page was primarily created to attack the lawyers defending Yorgen Fenech and individuals who sought to question the whole mafia behind the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. His project found the support of the whole mainstream media, including that of the Maltese Catholic Church.

This site can confirm that since 2020, the whole Dimitrijevic family has been pushing the Bis-Serjeta page across the net. But the media never mention this fact. Instead, the narrative that was pushed by Malta Today was that this website was owned by the journalist Matt Bonanno. For sure, he is not its founder. Furthermore, it should be added that Ivan’s sister was a journalist working with Malta Today! Nevertheless, how do we know that Ivan Dimitrijevic was behind the Karlstennienibarra Facebook Page? The following screenshot reveals it all.

As the above screenshot shows, it was a known secret within certain circles that Karlstennienibarra website was linked to this family to the extent that someone jokingly stated that the name should be STENIENBROVICH, in reflection of the surname of the family. There was no denial from the Dimitrijevics. Instead, the person who answered back stated that the profile of Stennienibarra was death because now there was a new website Bis-Serjeta’ that replaced it. Moreover, as stated in this article, Ivan Dimitrijevic is the man behind the setting up of this website. Matt Bonanno is just a façade. This can be confirmed by a post on Reddit, which shows that Ivan Dimitrijevic is the person who created both the website Karlstennienibarra and Bis-Serjeta’.

This post on Reddit confirms that the company behind Karl Stennienibarra and Bis-Serjeta’s websites is 8px Technologies. The owner of this company is no one else than Ivan Dimitrijevic. Ivan Dimitrijevic set up this company in 2017. On setting it up, he made an appeal to help him “monetise this thing”. In a separate post on LinkedIn, Ivan Dimitrijevic states that this company was set up to bring new business to the local market. According to this LinkedIn post, he is also the Lead Project Manager of Betmen Solutions.

As already stated, this project was supported and pushed by the whole Dimitrijevic family and their supporters in the local media, including the media of the Maltese Catholic Church. Therefore, as expected, the Bis-Serjeta’ finds support from the Women Rights Foundation, an organization that Ivan’s mother, Lara Dimitrijevic, set up.

Lara Dimitrijevic is using the Women’s Foundation to raise funds for other associations that support the introduction of abortion in Malta and themselves. In other words, 8px is helping them monetize the whole project because money is earned from clicks and adverts. What is strange or worrying in this whole story is that the Bis-Serjeta’ website was not only behind the attack on Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers but also instigated that Pastor Gordon Manche should be bombed. Matt Bonanno penned a satirical post to this effect. Pastor Gordon Manche took the author of this post to court.

Immediately after Gordon Manche started his legal suit, Ivan’s father, Aleksander Dimitrijevic, rushed to his computer and put up a post asking for funds. Remember that this is a family of lawyers and that this family is making good money from their legal profession. However, still, they had the cheek to ask their followers and faithful for money and set up a GoFundme page for donations.

Even more interesting is that Ivan’s father, Aleksander Dimitrijevic did all the propaganda while his wife and lawyer, Lara Dimitrijevic, remained silent. Why? The answer is to be found in what happened to a man who was fined 3000 euros for making a similar statement as the one made on the satirical website Bis-Serjeta’ that is, satirically inciting people to bomb those considered their adversaries.

Lara Dimitrijevic was the lawyer that pushed charges against this man and orchestrated a whole campaign against him for jokingly saying that people participating in gay parades should be bombed. She did not argue that this was just a satirical comment back then. Instead, she insisted that this comment had to be taken very seriously by our courts. Now a website linked to her son, which the same Lara Dimitrijevic supported through her Women’s Rights Foundation, ended up passing a similar satirical statement against Pastor Gordon Manche’.

So the same lawyer who shouted scandal against an individual who jokingly said that gays should be bombed has her son involved in a website that made a similar statement against Pastor Gordon Manche! Furthermore, those behind the Bis-Serjeta website had the cheek to set up a gofundme to pay their own legal fees. It is more than clear that this time around, Lara Dimitrijevic had to stay silent. What one can conclude is that this is a family with zero morals. They are entirely compromised and hypocrites. Even more disturbing is that this family had found the full support of the staff of the American Embassy in Malta and the mainstream media in achieving their aims.

This family is behind a website used to attack exponents of the American Evangelical movement in Malta and lawyers doing all that is humanly possible to unearth the truth behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrijevic is behind it all.

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